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@knightsunited profile update 8-8-19

As the official account for the Knights United guild and as the foundational basis of the DEC generation that will be distributed to HONOR token holders, I will attempt to regularly update all vested parties on the progress thus far undertaken.

Introducing the HONOR token:

Current DEC Balance:

- 871.867 DEC in-game
- 59.471 DEC (S-E)
- 931.338 DEC (total)

Current Rating: 1423
Current League: Silver II


Due to a specialization in the Earth splinter, the account will unlikely to be able to complete many daily quests. Progress has still not been fully tapped and I do suspect that @knightsunited can rise into the gold leagues, possibly into the diamonds. More cards will have to be purchased in order to get into the diamond leagues in all likeliness.

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