To max or not to max, that is the question

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I finally got another Lord Arianthus today in the Daily Quest rewards. I'm only two cards from maxing the Lord A. I've been in a dilemma for a while now whether to purchase the remaining cards to max this very important card. But 5 extra cards for 1 health benefit has always seemed a bit expensive. However, this 1 health can sometimes be the determining factor for a win or loss, especially at the higher levels.

So what do you think? Do you think it's worth spending a few extra dollars to max the Lord Arianthus? Is it worth it for 1 extra health? It may have been an easier decision a few months ago when it was less than $1, but now that the price has gone up significantly, it is becoming a much more difficult decision.

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I was in the same position you were in - only 2 cards away to max out my Lord Arianthus. I went for it. It might not have been the best move, but the price has been going up and I did not want to have to pay any more later on.

That’s a good move. I did purchase 2 or 3 off the market a while back to get it to level 3, but didn’t think of maxing it at the time. Prices have shot up dramatically since then.

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I hear you. Guess it depends how long you plan on being in the game.
If its going to irk you every time you look at him, for the next 5 years, probably best to pony up the dough :)

Yeah true. I’m going to wait a bit longer to see if I can get the remaining 2 in the daily quests, then if not, I’ll probably need to get them off the market.

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I'm in the same situation, 2 cards from maxxed but I refuse to spend money on it. Just hoping to get them in my daily quests and season rewards.

Haha yeah I’m the same. I’ve been on a pretty good run in getting the Lord A more than other legendaries. Just hoping to get two more in the Dailies and Season Rewards. Gives me more incentive to complete Dailies too.

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Gotta max em all (GMEA, patent pending)

Haha nice, love it!

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