Splinterlands/PAL/SBI Winner Announcement

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Okay, this is the last giveaway from that week. I leave soon to go on my vacation. I upped the rewards for this one as a little boost before my break. I hope you all have a good week I will be posting some pictures and other info I find interesting while I am in Canda.

So who won the giveaway Splintertalk.io


First Winner
2019-07-13 13_59_50-Picker _ Steem comment winner.png

Second Winner
2019-07-13 14_00_35-Picker _ Steem comment winner.png

@akomoajong you won first and wanted SBI so you have 2 more now. I think you should buy a lotto ticket you keep winning haha.

@doggodfroglog you won second and got your first wanted.4 PAL has been sent congrats

2019-07-13 14_08_35-Create a post — Splintertalk.png

2019-07-13 14_08_51-.png


Thank you all who follow me and I will be back to giveaways soon. I hope you are all doing well.


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Oh! I'm so lucky with your giveaways man! Don't ever stop this 😂

Thanks a lot! 🙌🙏

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You’re welcome I will be back at it soon

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