My Quest and my investment in Splinterlands| Guild sneak-peek

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Hi there.

First of all, i wanna share that #Guilds are live guys and we have our own city guild

The Guild of Neoxian

We are amazingly amazing


Its been just 6 hours and we have upgraded our guildhall to level 6 Our Quest Lodge has been upgraded to level 1!

So now we will get 1% DEc bonus Nice.



Let's move to the second part of post XD. So, again i am here with another Splinterlands post #MyInvestmentandQuestRewardCards.

The story is i dmed my friend @akomoajong because I had a question about Decs but he told me that someone is selling his Alpha deck in Bd server.

I was collecting money from many days and was waiting of steem to rise but when i saw almost every card is 25 to 28% cheaper i couldn't resist myself and i spent all money on buying those alpha cards.

Still, there are many cards tempting me and i am confused now should i go for a loan or should i wait. But coming Hardfork is scaring me TBH when i think if i won't be able to pay my loan because i don't know what is gonna happen after this hard fork. So i am relaxing just by saying that

There are always such possibilities😉


Finally, my divine healer is level 6 I bought level 5 total BCX 3 and each BCX cost 5.40$ and now i bought BCX 1 in just 3$ it was almost 48% cheaper. Someone placed 3 divine healers at 3$ each when i saw 2 cards were already gone Thank God i was able to grab the last one.

My Wallet History :P XD


Now let's talk about Quest today i had to complete my quest with #EarthSplinter and i got these cards



That's all for now see ya


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Greetings, @xawi

SteemMonsters is really a excelent investment. I think we will have grand results in 2020!!

thank you and have a nice day

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You got lucky getting those healers. Congrats!
Keep stacking up for such opportunities. It's what I do regularly and why I already got a fat collection though not anywhere near yours yet lol

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woot! U got that golden grandmom? how? when?
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