My Quest with Earth Splinter

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Heya everyone,

Yesterday i had to complete my quest with #EarthSplinter means #Lyanna's call. Quest experience with Lyanna is always awesome. Only Lyanna summoner deck has all kind of abilities such as the most important ability #Healing umm for example if you get good mana cap then if you go with these two cards.

Both have healing ability but i don't know if you still know but lemme tell you one more this

Wood Nymph (1).png

Spirit of the Forest.png

Goblin Chef.png

This card can change the whole game how?

Goblin Chef

Goblin cuisine may look like rubbish, but it smells divine. Through generations of culinary focus entirely on odors, they have truly perfected the appetizing aroma. Unfortunately, their food can only be digested properly by Goblins, and Goblin Chefs find it amusing to feed their creations to creatures of all types.source

Hehe, it may look like rubbish but i know its worth at level 4 it has an #Affiction ability so when this card attacks it snatches the healing ability of affected monster. I am using gold foil and i have level 6 card but at level 8 it has an ability of poison as well so in short this card is savage ;)

Alright, My quest rewards cards


Simply LOL or what else i should say hehe that's all, for now, see ya

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ok..... looks like you are gonna poison the opponent with your double heal immortal deck +that affiction chef!
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