They don’t deserve you

in ste •  3 years ago  (Edited)

Being human it’s our nature when we have something we won’t evaluate but when we lost it and remember then we evaluate it. This rule is applied on both humans and things. Here is some sings that shows they don’t deserve you.
-1 they are self-centred it means they don’t understand which thing is hurting you instead they think you are hurting them even though they already happy and they think they always right and you always wrong.
-2 they only talk to you when they bored or they give you time according to their mode and what they wants. They really don’t care about you what you think what you want to do.
-3 you are unhappy most of the time you are care of their modes and you thing if you do this it will may destroy their mode you cry most of the time and still you are wrong.
-4 may be in all you forget about your own value and respect to make understand them and its hurt you their is no response you get.
-5 every time fight between you and them always you will want to save your relationship you will kill your ego and try to talk them but they don’t care and still relationship not work then you hurt most.
-6 this is the most of the dangerous their word don’t match to their efforts and be careful and don’t relia them by on words watch and absorb what they do for you.6gio7y5rvz.jpg

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