Scotbot Server ordered

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Things are a little sluggish on the server side. Appears to be a lot of people happily plugging away at using,, and more.

The obvious phrase here is:

So, that's what we did. Server ordered. it may take a short while to setup, but it'll get faster soon. We're working on it and after it's alive we'll see how well she does. If it's still not enough we'll escalate further.

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That's a good news: more power, more fun! 😜

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Congratulations! Good luck moving forward with your new service.

The classic story of tech startups... They’re server hungry. Flickr almost died from the growth. Friendster did. GL!

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Where are these servers housed ?

Shhh... keep it a secret :)

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How many platforms are using scotbot now?

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Sounds like a great problem to have!

Get it going. Awesome work.

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GodSpeeeeeeed ! 💙 SCOTty T.T

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so much room for new currencies - optimized.gif

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