Some useful language and steps for creating a tribe

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Here are some suggestions of how to create a tribe step by step.

  1. Make or have a Discord group or similar chat group
  2. Gather people for the explicit common purpose of building a tribe
  3. Get some basics underneath you
    a. Name the group
    b. Name the token
    c. Get a logo
    d. Figure out the initial token supply (low means they are worth more, high supply means they are worth less)
    e. Figure out how you'll initially distribute them
    f. Figure out how you'll distribute them on an ongoing basis
    g. Meet regularly

When you're meeting I strongly suggest you get something akin to a charter going. Here's language I suggest for that.

Tribe Charter

The (community group) have voluntarily chosen to come together to build a platform to help on board more users onto the Steem blockchain. The people working towards that aim are hereby known as "Founders" and are denoted as such in Discord.

The vision is to create a Steem-Engine "Tribe" consisting of a blog, forum, and video sharing platform specific for the community and to organize around that effort.

The Tribe will be powered by a token. The token will be called "X". It will have an initial supply of Y tokens. The tokens will be initially distributed through a (different types of initial distribution). On an ongoing basis they can be earned through (different types of distribution).

The Founders are expected to meet weekly to allow this voluntary federation of people to accelerate the use of the Steem blockchain through the (name of community). Founders also agree to the following initial conditions.

Founders won't sell their initial stake for at least 1 year. Founders won't put their initial stake on bidbots. Founders will act professionally to attract more members to the (community) and the Steem blockchain.


  1. All community members are expected to take a break if they are too frustrated to interact well or professionally.
  2. All community members are requested to solve conflict peacefully without threats or insults
  3. No dishonesty of any kind
  4. No sale or trade of sex or illegal substances
  5. No stealing or destruction of intellectual property
  6. No harassment of individuals or groups
  7. No begging
  8. Don't be aggressive or under the influence such that you're causing a disturbance
  9. Rules for Conflict
    a. Don't name call
    b. Try to deescalate
    c. Don't just complain, try to suggest alternate behaviors
    d. Share when you don't consent
    e. Ask for help from a Founder
  10. Don't share private DMs unless they are disclosing how people were breaking aforementioned rules.

Founder Basic Policy modeled after Robert's Rules of Order

Chair sets the agenda

Chair presents topics in order to the group
Founders are given an opportunity to put a "1" in chat if they have a point they would like to discuss. Chair calls on people in chronological order.
If a rule or formal request is added a member of the group types "I move that we X". If there is another that supports it they type "2nd". If it is moved and seconded then the group discusses. Now anyone with a favorable point can type a "1" and anyone with a negative point can type a "2". Chair will go in order to allow everyone to talk. If talking runs long chair has the option to limit discussion per person to a time limit.
When points have concluded the group gets to vote.
Discussion and voting are recorded and put onto the chain as meeting minutes.


You'll want to have some members who are willing to put some cash in. Tribes can be inexpensive or cost several thousand dollars. It's up to the various groups to find funding for these, but with many people involved each person's individual cost is likely small.

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