Steem good news: Steem Engine starts work on NFTs

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What's an NFT? It's a non-fungible token. Why should you care? Because it enables a billion different use cases.

What's fungible mean?

If something is fungible it's interchangable and you won't know the difference. If I give you a gallon of 87 octane and you give me one back it'll pretty much act the exact same. That's fungible.

If I offer to trade you a Steem Monsters card for another you'll start asking questions like which one? what level? what edition? That's because each card is unique even within the same type of card. For example not all chromatic dragons are the same! That's non-fungible.


Right now there's non-fungible tokens available on Steem Monsters but that isn't available to everyone to do everything imaginable. NFTs could enable Steem to act like D-Amazon, houses, mortgages, auto tracking, collectibibles, and a million different game inventory items. I can't even begin to think of all the use cases. Steem-Engine is going to enable all of them!

When NFT?

We're targeting the end of August. If it all goes smoothly you'll have a decentralized ability to make them, list them, trade them, (combine them?), and track them. New games, new businesses, new apps, and new communities will form around these things.

Price is down Progress is up

I'm looking at Steem keep plummeting on the market. We have one of the best blockchains out there with some wonderful tech, communities, and businesses forming. It's hard to keep Steem dead. Sometimes the traders talk about bullish divergence. This isn't a trackable one, but I see so much shit happening on this chain while the token price sinks. My guess is that when this thing turns it'll be eye-popping at how hard it shifts.

Anyway, there's good news on the horizon and it's gonna reshape Steem. Hope you're ready for it. Hope you're picking up some ENG at these prices keeping in mind that you might not see this again for a looooong time.

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Steem engine just keeps growing

Collectibibles on the chain :)

I took the liberty of adding steem-engine to this map of emerging Non Fungible Token Infrastructure systems....

and made this to help people quickly visually grab the idea before we see more official images to describe how it willw ork.. im very excited for all teh GAMES this will enable! and collectibles .... i am sure @banjo will find a way to create collectible banjo tokens maybe EACH STEEM POST can have its own NFT? Maybe the posts with the highest payoust will beteh rare ones? or posst with votes for EVERYONE maybe THATS how u can GENERATE these NFTs

maybe if your post has enough upvotes from a wide variety of whales, maybe that can generate an NFT that only opccurs when you get upvotes from like 5 ofthe rarest steem whales hwo barely evber upvote slike infnity stone collecting

OMG WHJAT if we have a @vegeta style dragon balls where if you collect 5 or 7 of these NFTs you trigger a smart contract with liek 1000 steem or so, and buys you an upvote from a bid bot... just make it so the project posts and gets upvotes from trending, uses those upvoets form comminity to pay for 1 prize a month to be hidden int the blockchain and people can collect the NFTs by engaging teh community attempty to get upvotes from all the rarest whales... liek a NED upvote can generate you an NFT thats SUPER rare....

It would take a lot of steem power though but wouldn't mind doing that at some point. They could be single use and burned.

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I can't really understand the economics here. but the dApps rock. I am using so many of them and progress on all is amazing. I cannot keep up with the updates and they all keep getting better and easier to use.

I rotate through these now - simply amazing!

  • share2steem
  • esteem
  • busy
  • nTopaz
  • tasteem
  • dpoll
  • dlike
  ·  4 years ago (Edited)

to find and explore more dapps for steem to use check this out

I like @ntopaz and they could be liek our version of teh artist social media site Behanced , we should also have a deviantart style site or we could PARTNER with deviantart to create a scotbot that airdropped to existing deviantart users with activity on theur accounts etc, finally payout people for those accounts theyt made...

ANyway theres SO many dapps on steem now, once we have a proper ONBOARDINg app to give Free Instant accounts to peopel who can prove they dont already have one OR who can register with liek ashort essay or images of themselves, faceID or reddit karma, tehers GOTTA be a way to determien if someoen is good enough toi give a steem account, without giving them all toteh same guy , i KNOW theer sa way to also go use Reddit and twitter accounts, DM peopel special codes directly to theri accounts, abnd we can onboard influencers THAT way, ... but i just want @ned to PAY to subsidize account creation again, or just use @steem and @steemit 's 40 million SP+ RC mana to create a few million accounts a year free... using

THEN we can finally have USERS for all these dapps!

I've been reviewing dapps of the state of the dapps for a few months now on my @bxlphabet blog. This is how I found tasteem, dpoll, esteem, and ntopaz which all have great upvotes for their users.

I agree ntopaz is like Behance. I have had a photo blog over there for years, and like it - but no money comes from it, except for affiliate sales.

I do not think ned is your best resource for marketing right now. I think he has stepped way back. But I see your posts and comments about marketing all the time, @ackza, and this might be a good avenue for you:

@theycallmedan has an open post this week offering to give good upvotes if you promote STEEM in the outer world. He is really trying to boost our presence now. He might do this post weekly if he gets good response. Maybe this is a good opportunity for you to work with him.

How Have You Promoted Steem This Week?

I do daily promos on Twitter with share2steem, and promote STEEM in fb groups a few times a week. But my niche on STEEM is minnow tips. We get over 1000 new people each week and have 95% kill rate. So I work to help the people who stagger in and are trying instead of trying to get more to come in and die. I don't not have weathy connections for the most part, so I would just bring more redfish anyway.

This is very cool. It should open up some options for dev's which is always a good thing. Keep up the great work!

About damn time NFTs came into existence. Steem was meant to be the NFT capital for books/magazines/comics.

Also very eager to see ETH/ERC tokens on SE.

Probably I'm the only one who did not understand what an NFT token is?

nop, not the only one. i have no idea. but i don't have idea about bunch of things here so i am kinda not worried :D

Quite what steemmonsters cards are.

it would be really impressive long term for STEEM to weather this storm and beat out the competing blockchains; this post lists some reasons why that could happen

I'm curious as to folks' opinions on this question:
One big value that STEEM will have is as a trading point for the various SMT offering based on the Steem blockchain

That is my uneducated view of the issue. Are there solid supports either for or against that view?

I'm expecting the same and also having sp being a factor for airdrop or claiming tokens that would be a great angle for investors.

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a great consideration that didn't even cross my mind!

The more 'success' steem achieves the more those 'insiders' emplaced to see it fail will sell their stake.
Just as silver is manipulated by those that profit from a low silver price, steem didn't get this far without attracting the attention of those that profit from steem not coming to market.
I hope they fail.
Keep taking your freedoms, we are winning.

Looking forward to this! Thanks!

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Looking forward to watching this grow, keep up the great work!

when this thing turns it'll be eye-popping at how hard it shifts.

Nobody is going to see this coming. They'll be shocked... STEEM? Really? Yes, Steem. Now get blogging and beg for upvotes. You know you want SPT and DEC.

While I like the idea of all these new tokens, are they not devaluing the base token that is STEEM? Ie… PalNet.. many took the option to trade the airdrop from SteemP tokens, and then dumped the STEEM out to blocktrades.

Same with Leo maybe. STEEM is gradually falling against the other tokens and I'm not convinced all these new ones are really helping the declining price.

We're storing 500k steem on the exchange, we've seen a few million SP go into voting bots. We're giving use cases left and right to Steem that never existed before. The problem is that the vast majority of posters get their Steem and dump it right as soon as they get it. People need to see that there is value to holding it. When that mentality shift from simply earning to earning to invest in steem and its projects then this price will turn around.

The problem is that the vast majority of posters get their Steem and dump it right as soon as they get it. People need to see that there is value to holding it.

And Content Consumers/Voters need to look at who is dumping steem and stop voting on their posts. Instead look at who powers up their earnings and reward them instead. If someone isn't interested in the long term view then why care about giving them a vote?

yeah that sounds good on paper but No one is gonna check to see someoenes market records before giving them an upvote dude :D and if someone wants to sell their stake, dont penalize them, youll quickly run out of anyone to upvote if you refuse to upvote people who sell any of their own tokens..... if you want to reward people who power up their rewards, ask @aggroed if there is a 100% Power up logo for posts chosen to use 100% power up, like the little steem logo that shows up next to your posts, or used to at least, i havent seen it in forever :D It makes no sense to NOT choose SBD liquid payout especially now with @likwid offering 98.5% of your rewards in full liquid sbd and steem when you post on or any frontend that allows free beneficiary rewrads so you can set them to 100% to likwid ... anyway i also think thats a great feature to partner up with scotbot and i bet you @transisto has already thought of that, i wonder if likwid works the same or can work teh same for scot rewards...

heheh I wonder if theres gonna be a great big Steem Viz type site for showing all the "TRAITORS" who power down their scot rewards :D like maybe we can MAKE a Sscot bot tribe that SImply rewards everyoen who ha sthe most proportional staked tokens , and keeps trackof peopel who have NEVER powered down, never unstaked, and who buy and stake the most, and rewards THEM with like a LOYALTY token....

and thsi way we can more easily keep track of who hasthe most loyalty to scotbot tokens... anyoen who has like 10+ of the major scotbot tokens staked can get one of these loyalty tokens staked, liek atag, maybe we can set the unstaking process to eb as LONG s possible like multipel years, so when soemoene gets sent this token staked, they will take forever to unstake and remove it. We can also TAG our enemies with tokens to let peopel know they are a scammer etc, scammertoken can be a utility token on steem engine to allow us to stake to an account using 's nice little staking feature where you can choose ANY accpount to stake a coin to, and youc an then stake a coin that identitfies someoen as a scammer, and we can make the coin very expensiove anmd rare, and not ever put it on the market, make it so its iimpossible to generate mroe even if you have 1 stakedm, make it so you need so manyto generate just oen and only the whales would have that power, to identify scammers, etc, it could be useful if used correcytly.

like the little steem logo that shows up next to your posts, or used to at least,

What logo was that? I'm

As for those who keep powering down and selling all their earnings...I just can't understand the mentality and don't want to reward it. If people would slow down selling a little we can see a recovery in price.

I am starting to implement simple metrics in my @we-are bot to slightly prioritize posts that are 100% SP rewards rather than 50/50. I'll consider account HoDL/power up metrics later. We should support those that support Steem.

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We're giving use cases left and right to Steem that never existed before.

Don't get me wrong, I love steem-engine, it's something that didn't exist and now adds a whole new dimension to the blockchain, but its as you say...

People need to see that there is value to holding it.

I still feel we have more falling in the price of the master token before things get better.

BTW... a big well done in turning SteemMonsters around.. you may recall my remarks to you about it once..., I'm now an avid fan again. That is due to DEC and the new (small set) of cards via the Orbs.

I hope you have further plans for the game. That could well pull external non-STEEM people into the blockchain.

ok so if you love steem-engien why are you trying to bring up this idea that it is somehow hurting the steem price? come on... you should be explaining to people how it HELPS the price, and not because of ANy numbers youc an read now, its because it creates a reason to even JOIN steem and have a steem account with SP! everyday i seem to be getting another few dollars worth of some airdroped steem engine scotbot tribe thats opening up.

That's great to hear but the life long abusers, you know who they are, that parasite this system still go unpunished 😔

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The problem is that the vast majority of posters get their Steem and dump it right as soon as they get it.

Is this observable through any analytics? Not an accusation or anything, it just seems like everyone has their idea about what the problem is and I'm just wondering if anyone is taking a big picture snapshot of activity so we can get a better picture of what's really going on.

This is a false conclusion rooted in a competitive mindset. Crypto is cooperative. It has to be because it's open source. Open source projects can't compete. These are synergizing effects. Value created by Steem flows into SteemEngine, and vice versa. Value flows from Bitcoin to the altcoins, and vice versa. Everything is connected and cooperative.

A lot of the people selling their SteemEngine Tokens for Steem are powering up, and the sell walls are verbally guaranteed to power up. Steem is going to be quite scarce in a year or two.

Steem price going down has little to do with steem-engine, that is just the bitcoin prices and the markets and people were already powering down getting out of steem...

All of these tokens are HELPING steem, without them theers LESS of a reason for steem

in order for all of these tokens liek leo and pal to exist you NEED steem, do ethereum bnased tokens hurt ethereum? NO they helped it!

Hope your right pal... its much more exciting than before though... Ill give you that!

when will you consider doing some marketing for Steem Engine? I haven't seen any news about SE, the latest development on Steem blockchain...

it's nice to know someone CARES and is developing this blockchain. It's nice to know someone is looking forward rather than back.

Hope you're picking up some ENG at these prices keeping in mind that you might not see this again for a looooong time.

What is ENG’s inflation rate?

4M currently, 9T maximum???

  ·  4 years ago (Edited)

Oh good question about ENG inflation rate. I also wanted to ask @aggroed the same thing and if ENG has a set inflation rate at all or if it is simply set to be completely open for the team so they can issue as many as they need for whatever projects they want to work on in the future? I would understand if they didnt place a hard cap on steem engine ENG tokens at this early time of development, as it isnt advertised as any sort of investment but more so as a tool to be used to create tokens and scotbot communities, and buy extra features like airdrops etc.

Thats really nice. That makes Steem more interesting. I think if we fly under the radar for long time, people will be surprised how great steem has developed and will develop.

I think Steem can attract attention relatively quickly outside the crypto world.

More Usecases for Steem Token. I love it :)

Nice work @aggroed!!!

@aggroed, This sounds great. When more speculations and thoughts are rising that nothing is working and other types of criticisms, only new developments and reflection of working product is the perfect answer. Keep up and we are waiting for this to be live.

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Music to my ears. So pumped for NFTs

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I am @drumoperator 's lack of surprise that if NFTs are going to happen on the steem blockchain it will be @aggroed and crew that makes it happen and not Steemit Inc. Thanks for being the reasonable and motivated one in the room, yet again. Really cant agree more about price vs. progress. Steem has felt completely stagnant since circa when DLive exited and management seemed to be totally out of touch. Your efforts have added a massive amount of value ... but more importantly positive momentum ... and it's just a matter of getting "normie" users (are there steem normies yet?) to get past the idea of a second blockchain running on top of steem. Once that's the norm, I don't see how the use case for steem doesn't 10x, taking the price along with it.

We support you.

We support you both! ^^

@aggroed Kick ASS and Taking Names.........

I will like to see charts on the steem engine on trading activities on steem engine as charts helps to give us in debit of what is actually happening in the market showing trends and collision in price activity. In the coming updates on steem engine

I think this will be good for something. Lets hope for the best.

This is super good news!! 😍😍💪💪

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seems like STEEM losing steam , can't get any traction ever

That image... Is a sneak peak of constructions for Splinterlands? 😯

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Until August, not a lot of time - we'll see - everything will be OK

Those are guildhall houses

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Wow! @aggroed . Liberty and abundance! So impressive.

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Greetings, grand @aggroed.

Excelent notice, man!! Please, tell me a thing. Why are steem price so down???? For 3 world country, its valuation is hard to live :(

When do you think that steem will fly again?

#palnet #sct #battle #spt #weedcash #steemleo #aaa #zzan

Maybe value is down because lots of people are selling it to make a living?

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  ·  4 years ago (Edited)

BRO come on, this was supposed to be a post about NFT tokens on steem, why are you trying to talk about STEEM prices?!?! please man, talk about that in a relevant post, its very annoying ....

and yeah look at the above post

Maybe value is down because lots of people (LIKE YOU) are selling it to make a living?

Although I disagree with this as the minnows have almost no impact on price compared to the big whales who are always going to determine the price, its still important to note that teh minnow and dolphins complaceny in finding NEW whales is also hurting us... steem isnt like BTC where we can just soit abck and let scarcitya nd teh markert do its thing NO Steem is miismanaged by @ned

ned gave out too much steem and never had a plan to get peopel back in, WHY THE HE:LL woudl ANYOEN wnat to buy steem NOW when its just going down to where it SHOULD BE , 10 cents or below, thats a more FAIR price, but NO ONE wants a fair price they want a BARGAIn and 1 penny seems to be where it is headed since its been 7 cents before, and lower on some exchanges breifly but fyrtsiken saved oru asses in 2017 march buying 700K+ Steem and powering it up to then create booster and have SP to sell upvotes with, his booster bot with inertioa developing it for him and he having teh capiutrail, was agreat team and they endedup creating a REASOn for peoepl to BVUY steem and POWER it up, cto crteate bid bots, if itw anst for them who knwos if steem would have this manyw hales... we need mroe whale stoc oem and buys teem, we will neevr ever ever equal the poweer of ONE bigw haels no matter how hard we try to get 1 Million small fish

some peopel SERIOUSLy think 1 million minnows with 1 SP is teh same as 1 whale with 1 million SP... and ignoring ALL the problems with that in the technicalcities of curationa nd reward curves alone, just rememebr that peopel ina sch0ool or a pack are always mroe inniefficient than just ONE GUy with 1 MILLION SP..

thsoe m1illion peoepl with 1 SP WHY TEH HELL would they all just vote for someone elses wishes? you cant control all thsoe people

we need ONE big whale to come and change teh markets

that whale could just be @ned hehas the Bitcoin hes probably waiting for steem price to just get cheapenough before pumping the market BUT HE WILL keep steem, from going TOO far down.... he has the BTC for that...

even if we do bring somneone else under ned, anoetrh big whale from BTC, what if ned just dumps on him? we need garunteeds we need to knwow hgat neds vision is plans are what ned plans on doinga nd what he does are too differnet thinsg also, and ned hasnt been up front about what hes been doing with steemit incs steem... he said he wanst gonan sell any steem an wa sjust moving it around then fo course we see steem dump and its hard to cinvince new peopel to buy LAREG STAKES ... we have no garuntee that ned wont try to just dump all teh rest of hsi steem on us if we try to buy in,... we wanna knwo whats up with all that loose steem, the 20 million or so floatin aroudn exchange that pumps the markets non paper, liek when steem pumped "30% " yesterday, iut was all fake, it was usualy on huobi or upbit or some otehr korean exchange , SBD was also pumpe don teh same korena exchanges, back when SBD pumepd over $10... a stable coin pumping $10 its pathetic liek wtf, like the s koreans had so much money they wer ejusrt buying teh EWRONG steem coin/ I dont t jink so//....

Anyway i wanna knwo whats uyp with all that steem whale stuff, we need a pictrue of who owns teh steem how much LOOSE steem theer is , inacse someoen BUYS steem ENUF To PUMP it and brings teem to $43, what if soemeon "finds" a few million steem in an exchange to dump, see we gotat amek sure all that steem has been sold.. or accounetd for, andthats teemit icn wont be diumping , we need liek a 5 year plan then we can convince large players to ENTERTAIN the ide aof buying 1 Million SP

YOU CAN get like 1 million SP now for around a quarter million dollars or less, the entrie remainder of the open steem blockchain stake can be BOUGHT and STAKED and i mean, you could theorticaly think about buyings teemiot icns stake and the freesrteme on the market and then you could possibly pump steem to crazy new levels if you were a tech or media compnay who had like 30 million dolalrs .... you could probably buy up ALL the looe liquid steem , offer buyouts and buy private keys form epoepl WITh stake, or have them power down to send to you for a special deal, i bet someoen COUDL come ina nd buy out steem, revamp the UI, onboparding and make BILLIONS from steem, as ananonymous competitor to EOS Voice app....

wow. It is going to be game changing

Holy shit! You and your team are doing an INCREDIBLE job!! I love it!

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We can only hope and wait it gets here soon

Hi, @aggroed!

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That is pretty good, Damn, NFT hoping for it success!

Best of luck.

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  ·  4 years ago (Edited)

only actions will put thing on order about this criptomovement, and manifest is the only thing that we can do to grow, so, evolution it's the key and this is an evolution, glad to be on touch with criptos right now and see his daily growing.

Sir, when steem price will rise, please reduce the withdrawal fees of STEEM to 0.5% in Steem-engine.

Just because steem prices rise, why should he reduce his fees? And you think he will just do what you say?You just picked 0.5%? WHy should he reduce them in HALF and WHY does this have anything to do with the price of steem? And Also what does this have to do with NFTs?

If it is too expensive feel free to use another service, oh there arent any? Well maybe thats why there should be a fee!

You will probably need to purchase some steem-engine ENG or some sort of membership token to get access to discounts, that is my guess!

he wont just reduce the fees in HALF because the price of steem goes up a little bit or a lot.....

Thanks for the reminder, was gonna buy some ENG this week and nearly forgot. All systems go. Yay.

Another acronym to remember NFT added to many.

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