Scotbot: convergent_linear reward curves are supported

in steem-engine •  3 years ago  (Edited)
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Just wondering, do you know if Palnet has a limit of one post per day?
I posted two post last night both with the palnet tag and my second post my @actifit post did not post to palnet???🤔

Edit the post and change the tag to lowercase. It's registered as Palnet instead of palnet on the chain for some reason and it causes the bug.

Sorry to bother you again, maybe you can help. I posted my @actifit post for July 1st and edited the post on steemit adding photo's and I rechecked to make sure palnet was lower case.
Nothing posts to PAL, this is two post in a row. I have reached out to PAL tonight on discord, I'm just scratching my head, trying to figure out how to fix this ....
Thanks again @silvertop... Mike

Hmmm, I know they're working on fixing it to automatically read it either way, I guess it's possible that changing it isn't picking up. I know people have added the tag to posts that didn't have it before. Maybe just make sure in the future they're lowercase, but it should be fixed soon either way.

Thanks @clayboyn, Tomorrow when I post my @actifit I will edit and add the photo's on steempeak instead of steemit to see if this helps.
Because @actifit post from my IOS I can't just initially post to PAL....
Have a good one!! :)

Thank you, so nice to have Steem-engine and palnet!!
Exciting times to come!!!👍🤗

And still no witness vote by @aggroed for you, Holger...

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Did you change the curation formula too?

This is also where all the other formulas used in the past are.

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Would be cool to have n x S^log(n) curves as well.

I will look into them. Do you have a name for them?

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Isn't this a design flaw that a name is required instead of just using the formula?

So, if i read that math right, we are getting a sublinear curve.
Small votes are going down exponentially while large votes will go up due to smaller votes counting for even less in the math, yes?


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