Eleventh Week of Faucet Earnings

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Another week with great results. I didn't have as much time for the faucets this time, but like the previous week, the referral claim commissions helped a lot. Another thing that helped was that with the huge crypto price drop, the faucets had to pay a greater quantity to give out the same value as before, which caused my claim average at Bonus Bitcoin to increase from 6 to 8 satoshi. And the Bitcoin price had dropped so much that the CoinPot Tokens we get for every faucet claim were actually worth more than the satoshi! The STEEM price also dropped, and made it possible to get a good amount of STEEM even though cryptos in general were worth less.

This time, my earnings were 7,074 satoshi, converted to 0.00802668 dash, traded for 4.177 STEEM through BlockTrades (Steemd transaction link).

Drawing of three coins

Image source: Wikimedia Commons, by Busy Stubber at English Wikipedia, effects by Ysangkok [Public domain].

My SP delegation to Brazilians gave me a weekly payout of 0.761 STEEM, and holding 5.8 QuratorTokens gave me 0.057 STEEM. Including the faucet earnings, the total was 4.995 STEEM, and I added half of a cent to round it up to 5 STEEM. One more week where I was able to power up 5 STEEM from this experiment! Nice!

If anyone else would like to use the faucet websites I'm using, here's a post with more details and tips, and here is a short interview with a few more tips.

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That is awesome. I might have to start setting up a site again with some good faucets that people can use with my refferral link. Never hurts to have some passive income from faucet referrals and never thought about converting them to Steem either which is a great idea.

Glad you like the idea!

Never hurts to have some passive income from faucet referrals

And from SP delegations. And from tokens. Passive income is always nice :D .

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