Second Week of Faucet Earnings

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Here goes my second week of using crypto faucets to try to get some extra SP.

I had thought the earnings would decrease compared to the previous week, because I made fewer claims this time, added to the fact that the Bonus Bitcoin website was down for a day and ruined my 72 hour-period activity bonus. Despite this, I unexpectedly met a few CoinPot goals and got some nice bonuses right on the last day, and the earnings turned out greater than the previous week's! In total, I earned 0.00343357 Dash (around 3,884 satoshi), which I traded for 1.588 STEEM through BlockTrades (here is the link showing the transaction on Steemd).

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Image source: Wikimedia Commons, by Busy Stubber at English Wikipedia, effects by Ysangkok [Public domain].

So, not counting earnings from post rewards, last week I got 1.588 STEEM from the faucets, 0.095 STEEM from my SP delegation to Brazilians, and 0.049 STEEM for holding 5 QuratorTokens, totaling 1.732 STEEM. Almost 2 STEEM! I felt like rounding it up, and added 0.268 STEEM from my post rewards so that I could power up 2 STEEM.

Actually, as the STEEM prices have been so low and tempting lately, I'm considering doing something that I had thought was totally out of the question when I joined Steemit, that is, use money from my own pocket to buy some STEEM to invest (delegate to projects that give returns on the delegations). Even so, I still intend to continue using the faucets, because they get me at least 1 free extra STEEM a week. 1 STEEM may not mean much to most people, but to me, every extra STEEM helps, and it eventually adds up.

In case there's anyone else who thinks this way and wants to do the same faucets experiment as me, here are more details on the faucets websites I'm using.

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Bring it on!

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I'll keep at it and we shall see where this all goes (faucets and buying STEEM).