Seventh Week of Faucet Earnings

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This post is a bit late as the STEEM network was down for like two days because of issues with the HardFork, and the transfer of my faucet earnings also took a while to appear. Once everything was normalized, I published the Portuguese version of the post, and am publishing the English version after one day as usual.

Even though I've managed to begin investing in STEEM, my faucets experiment continues. This was another busy week, but the results were also quite good. Since the Bitcoin price had dropped, I could get more satoshi for the other crypto from the different faucets. I converted everything to satoshi each day, and only at the withdraw time I converted the satoshi to Dash. My earnings were 4,808 satoshi, converted to 0.00592020 Dash and traded for 2.805 STEEM through BlockTrades (Steemd transaction link).

Drawing of three coins

Image source: Wikimedia Commons, by Busy Stubber at English Wikipedia, effects by Ysangkok [Public domain].

With 0.114 STEEM weekly return from my 30 SP delegation to Brazilians and 0.044 from having 5.280 QuratorTokens, the total including the faucet earnings became 2.963 STEEM. I added a few cents to round it up to 3 STEEM and powered up. To me, 3 STEEM in a week is quite nice! I plan to use the SP I bought for investing and increase the delegation to Brazilians, though I'm still not sure by how much. All I know is that this should increase the weekly earnings a bit. I wonder whether I'll ever reach the point of being able to power up 5 STEEM a week, or even 10 (though that's too much wishful thinking :P . Well, I can dream).

This is it for the "report" about the seventh week of my faucets experiment. In case anyone else wants to use the faucets I'm using, here's a post with more details and tips.

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Can I Contact you in discord?

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I'm not much into chat programs and don't use Discord much, but if you send me a message, I can answer. The username is aiyumi#6764.

just sent you a friend-request

Remember the other time when I mentioned I have trouble using the Steem Monsters website because it doesn't work well with screen readers? It turns out that I have problems with Discord too (another reason why I don't use it much). The desktop app isn't accessible (at least on Linux, which is what I use), and my only solution is to use the web interface, but it isn't very friendly to screen readers, either. I have a hard time navigating around, and one of the things I still haven't managed to do is have the screen reader detect the button to accept a friend request. Can you send me a message even if I'm not added as a friend? At least I'm sure I can respond to messages.

Alright - I can ask you here. I have a swedish blog where I write about ways to earn crypto. I also make some intervjues.
You can see one here

I know you are using a lot of faucets. So my question is - Can I send you 4-5 questions about that and you answer me OR you can publish questions and answers in a blogpost. Then I can use that intervju in my blog. (I send you a small gift for it)
You do not have to say your name

Sounds interesting. The interview from the link you showed is quite nice too.

I'd like to answer the questions as a blog post, and maybe also publish a Portuguese version, if you don't mind. Having ideas of content to post is always good!

  1. When did you start with crypto and why? In which country do you live?
  2. You earn crypto with faucets. What is that? What do you do?
  3. HOw much do you earn? How much time do you spend?
  4. Do you think this is the best way to earn free crypto?

You can publish this in any language you want. But I need english to my readers.
If you have a picture that I can use it would be awesome. Can be from your city, from your country or something else. IF you do not have - that is ok too

I believe @lanzjoseg is from Venezuela.

I'll squeeze the interview in my next faucet earnings post. I'll publish the Portuguese version, and then the English version the following day. Then you may copy the part with the questions and answers.

Sorry, I don't have any interesting picture in hand at the moment. :(

IF you know someone in Venezuela so please tell me. I want to intervju someone from there too.