Started a New Experiment: Trying to Get Some STEEM Through Cryptocurrency Faucet Websites

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I've started using crypto faucet websites to try to get some more STEEM and help grow my SP. I plan to convert my earnings to Dash and trade for STEEM.

Illustration of a faucet with some water dripping

Image source: Pixabay

The "faucets" are websites that pay a very small amount of cryptocurrency to those who solve a captcha on a page full of ads. I've heard that faucets are a waste of time (too much time for too little earnings), but as the minimum withdrawal amount doesn't seem that hard to reach, I decided to give it a try (The minimum withdrawal for the website I'm using is 0.0002 Dash, around 0.1 STEEM).

Last Friday I managed to collect half of the minimum withdrawal amount. This isn't even counting the bonuses the websites give for using them every day, since it was just my first day using them. So, around 0.3 STEEM every week seems perfectly feasible. Definitely not hard, though it requires patience and persistence (two things that I tend to have. We shall see if this will also hold true for this experiment :P ).

It may seem like too much time and effort for just a small bit of STEEM, but for a small user who only makes cents from most posts, every bit helps. I've been getting 0.076 STEEM a week from a 20 SP delegation, and 0.049 STEEM for holding QuratorTokens (0.007 STEEM per day for 5 Q tokens). That makes 125 extra STEEM in total that I'm powering up per week, in an effort to slowly increase my SP. With 0.3 more STEEM, that would become 0.425. Almost half of a STEEM powered up per week. To me, it's a considerable amount.

I'll probably post again to say if the experiment went well or not. And if it goes well, I'll post more details (which sites I'm using, how and why).

Edit (2019/07/19): I've published the post with more details. Click here to read it.

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Olá, @aiyumi!

Por você estar no modo turbo dos PTG SHARES, tem direito ao combo:

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Era isso! Sucesso e bons lucros. Obrigado pelo tempo e espaço em seu post.