Third Week of Faucet Earnings

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Another week is gone, and my experiment of growing my SP by using faucets continues, one step at a time, one STEEM at a time... or maybe I should say, "around 1.5 STEEM?"

This time, there were days when I used the faucets less times than usual, and I also didn't reach any CoinPot goals and didn't guet extra bonuses. Still, the earnings weren't that bad. 0.00305239 Dash, traded for 1.405 STEEM through BlockTrades (Steemd link showing the transaction).

Drawing of three coins

Image source: Wikimedia Commons, by Busy Stubber at English Wikipedia, effects by Ysangkok [Public domain].

To that, I added the usual 0.095 STEEM that I got as weekly return for my SP delegation to Brazilians, and 0.049 STEEM for holding 5 QuratorTokens. The total was 1.549 STEEM. I rounded it up to make it 1.550 and powered up.

I still didn't manage to buy STEEM like I had said I had been planning in the previous post, so the STEEM that didn't come from posts is still just the faucet STEEM for now.

In case there's anyone else who wants to do the same faucets experiment as me, here are more details on the faucets websites I'm using.

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The fastest way to grow SP is still on content creation, but not until HF21 when curator reward will be set as 50%. Good luck in growing, and don't forget to set a tag for #esteem . Cheers

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As an author, I still need to get used to the 50/50 split, but it feels like it'll allow people with less SP to earn more from curation, which is good.

Thanks for the reminder about the #esteem tag. There are so many tags to use now with all those tokens... when posting on Steemit it says, "up to 5 tags," and I had thought using more than 5 would have no effect, but looks like it actually works. I'll try to include the #esteem tag next time even if I'm already using 5.

You may try to edit with #steempeak if I'm not mistaken they allow more than 5. #esteem tag is not mandatory, but will be nice having them and also increase exposure amongst fellow #esteemians.

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Okay, I'll try to edit if I can't add more than 5 tags.

Thank you so much for the surprise delegation and the 1 STEEM (just powered it up). It's a great help!

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