Twelfth Week of Faucet Earnings, and a Small Scare

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My experiment of growing my SP using faucet earnings continues, with nice results and another new record.

I had a bit more time for faucets last week, and made 8,747 satoshi, converted to 0.00997216 dash, traded for 4.718 STEEM through BlockTrades. However...

The transaction failed!

For the first time, I had trouble receiving the STEEM. CoinPot says they send the crypto within 48 hours after the withdraw request. I had requested the withdraw on Saturday night. On Sunday, CoinPot and all its faucets were offline for maintenance, and on Monday, BlockTrades was unavailable for a time too. And on Tuesday morning, the transaction finally showed up on BlockTrades, but on the failed transactions tab...

By clicking on the icon to the left of the failed transaction on the table, the site showed the failure reason as "Could not send output currency," and said that there was an error sending the output (the input was Dash and the output was STEEM), followed by all the transaction's details (the date, the sending and receiving addresses, the STEEM amount that should've been sent, the transaction hash) and a link to open a support request. Since it seemed that the Dash had arrived at BlockTrades and that something could be done on their end, I used the link to open the support request, which automatically filled the form with the request's reason and the failed transaction's hash.

I sent the support request, and in less than half an hour, the transaction had moved to the "Completed" tab, and the STEEM was already tucked safely in my account (Steemd transaction link). Phew!

For a moment, when I saw that the transaction had failed, I got worried that I might lose the earnings from a week in which I had achieved such good results, but thankfully BlockTrades quickly resolved the issue. Thank you for the great customer service, @blocktrades!

Drawing of three coins

Image source: Wikimedia Commons, by Busy Stubber at English Wikipedia, effects by Ysangkok [Public domain].

Now, on to the investment earnings: the weekly payout for my 200 SP delegation to Brazilians was 0.761 STEEM. I used around half of the STEEM I had accumulated from post rewards and bought 5 more QuratorTokens from the Steem Engine market, and got to 10.94 QuratorTokens. This gave me payouts that amounted to 0.122 STEEM in a week. Including the faucet earnings, the total was 5.601 STEEM (yes! more than 5 STEEM without rounding!). I've powered everything up this time, but since I had to renew my SP lease for October using the STEEM earnings I had saved up last month, next week will be time to save up to pay for the lease in November.

If anyone else would like to use the faucet websites I'm using, here's a post with more details and tips, and here is a short interview with a few more tips.

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