Still Want To Use Steemit Without Those Pesky Ads ?

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Steemit recently added ads to their network which I thought was a good idea. However they seriously went overboard with them. I honestly expected one leader board ad at the top and that was about it. Not the side bar, the header, the footer, the comment section, the scrolling between posts etc. Its just TO DAMN MUCH!

So how do you combat this if you still want to post from steemit ?


Use Brave Browser -

Brave has a number of amazing perks to using it and best of all if you use Chrome at the moment you can move all your bookmarks and plugins right over to Brave browser with just a few clicks.

Here are just some of the things that makes using Brave browser amazing.

  • All sites get pushed through https that means your security on these sites is boosted up
  • Trackers get blocked, no more crazy cookies etc that track everything you do
  • Blocks ads, while it does not block ALL ads it blocks a large majority of them. From what I have found it blocks all of them from steemit
  • 30% faster! Save time with a cleaner browser you know what use to make Chrome so amazing when it first came out
  • Earn BAT a cryptocurrency for allowing ads, these ads will only pop up at most 5 times a hour but you can set it all the way down to one a hour. It will simply show up as a push notification and not a banner ad etc.

So go ahead and check out Brave browers and download it free right now -


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I haven’t been on Steemit for a while but after having issues with Busy, I went over and could not handle the ads. Came to Partiko on my mobile instead!

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Not only that, the ads are set with a self-refresh timer. Really, really bad way to handle this. Too many and self-refreshable? Common! Could it be any worse?

Yeah they went a little crazy. I wasn't expecting AdSense either I expected a internal system.

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AdSense doesn't allow auto-refreshing, which makes it worse.

I need to start to promote this affiliate, they continue to give 5$ by the end of this year?

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I think there is a bonus for new sign ups.

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I believe 5$, and I need to check that.

Lol we were promised SMT's instead we got ads.

and a hard fork and all this other crap lol not sure why it was said we would have SMT soon 1.5 years ago :/ now that steem-engine does it NOW they finally do it F them

You and I will have an 80 Reputation Score Before we Get SMT's......LMAO

Now that would be crazy. I want nothing less then 100!! 😂😂

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Steem engine however aren't decentralized :(
Hence why I want SMT to come but not hoping for it.
Maybe Steem Engine will become decentralized lol
better chance than steemitinc doing something

I honestly wonder if any crypto will ever be truly decentralized it seems near impossible. There are always early adopters and fast action takers that get the edge in all cases.
SMT will be cool i'm curious what programs will be adopting it and using it first like a line up they have of them already.

Oh no I mean Steem Engine blocks are created centrally by one node-the team

ah got ya sorry about that!

They try at least to survive and be profitable. SMT will come, just be patient.

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