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First of all, this post is dedicated to @crypto.piotr and @futuremind as both of them asked me regarding buying in. Since in Malaysia have no crypto exchange, it's quite hard to decide how can we buy in at this stage other than peer to peer exchange.


Fear not where now we have an alternative way in buying in. #esteemapp offer users to buy in via credit card as soon as one has bind their credit card with Google Play, and user can purchase #estm points via credit card and will be able to use these points in exchange with upvotes, and ultimately convert to #steem. Let's get to some calculations.


As at current market price, the highest exchange value should be 50k estm for RM404.99.


According to Bloomberg, current price for USDMYR is 4.185. 404.99/4.185 = $96.77 will be our initial investment.


Once we have the #estm in hand, we will be able to use the "boost" function in exchange with #esteem upvotes when we create a post.


According to current vote value, 2000estm would worth $4.154. For 50k, we can do 25 times. Let's assume the costing stays unchanged, it will be 25 x 4.154 = $103.85. Cost of investment $96.77, take back $103.85. I don't dare to say it's a profit, it could be extra charges on the credit card payment, or the bank does not follow Bloomberg pricing.

There you have it. From what I see, it's definitely worth it. Provided each vote has to be above $4(for 20 steem worth), otherwise the new #hf21 curation curve will eat up a huge portion of the author reward, which I'm currently suffering. See a $2.00 upvote came in, but the post reward shows only $1.60.

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didn't tried that yet thanks for sharing

Exchange vote is small matter. Buying in is huge 😎

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There's an added bonus, @esteem app developers said that there will be benefits for ESTM holders in the next releases, also they said they're going to increase the use cases for his token, thus we shall expect to get more than Steem out of it.

Also you can transfer ESTM (gift) to another account and use it to boost or promote somebody's else content.

That stands correct buddy. At this point, I'm merely covering the topic of how an alternative way to buy in. I am considering since #steem price is at the "affordable" side to me.

If I had the funds I will invest at least two thousand USD on Steem right now and wait after SMT release... I have a 85% of certainty that the price shall be back to at least 0.7$ per Steem. It will like 500% profit

Or turned to 0? 😂 Just kidding. Let's #hodl

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