[Steem talk] Where does curation reward goes?

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Just as everybody talking about the latest hot topic, on #tipu #curation. I am not really doing the crazy thing or over it to find way to self profit. Generally, I'm still me, as a curator trying to bring value to author whom make good post. After few days of making use #tipu along with my curation, I find it not quite effective when doing it for FRIEND. LOL! Laugh all you can. Let's dive into the low down detail and inspect it one after another.

Here have a look, the people I know, generally make bad return on curation reward. I do not know how that happened, other than @travelgirl post on #tasteem which I got a lucky hand when I took the vote nobody else did. And you wanna guess what happen nowadays? Anyone who goes to #tasteem make a post, several will be starring at you like a hawk and fire a curate comment at 4 minutes! So, if you're thinking of earning a big percentage for self curate, don't put hope on your #tasteem post.

See that?! They just came on time, right on time 4 minutes sharp and all the comments flew in. I don't even have a chance to say no. Haha. The irony is, this totally make sense when people know exactly where to dig for potential high payout posts, and make a curation there just to level up their shit. They don't even care if the post is good enough, now nobody willing to do it in #esteem because #esteem vote at maximum 6%, which is less than $1. So, even if the post is fucking good to an extend of winning a noble prize award, nobody will give a damn to tipu curate it, because eventually the curation reward will come back negative.

Anyway, I think @cardboard had added self curate column, which virtually rendered to useless if someone decided to self vote, all they gotta do is create another account, nominate that account, and use that account to vote on the first priority account. Now, we all know who support us and what time they come. It will be easier for someone to use a sub account to perform self vote rather than vote for others. One the account have a higher ranking, then can perform a much bigger vote and once again, the vote can be use for own alts.

Like it or not, @tipu will survive as a commercial project regardless. It can sound very genuine as a curation project that benefit good author, but that doesn't change how people who have the voting power to make the rich richer and to self vote with a biggest percentage allocated by the bot and leave the left overs for other people.

I have changed my order and post this #esteem first. Later to post my #tasteem since I know I'm not going to win, no point hitting for the numbers whilst need to put up a huge portion of beneficiaries.

This commercial curation project turn out to be fun!

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現時的 @tipu,是一個非常好的教材,去教導新人Steem的模式 及 技巧。



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@tipu curate



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无聊吗?跟我猜拳吧! **石头,剪刀,布~**

This whole Tipu thing is a great way to see who the selfish helpmyself ones are. Its one thing self voting yourself with your own SP, but to help yourself to one elses SP for a big payout is another matter as I'm sure Tipu delegators would expect Tipu to get the best return for them and not for random people to abuse their delegation

冇办法,大佬冇定行规。大家任意发挥自己点赞自己🙂 係我蠢死唔肯点赞自己啫😂

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Tipu curation is so much fun. My heart starts pumping really fast when I see a new post. It's like curation for adrenaline junkies :)

Now you know why I didn't tipu Paul post and someone else's did it at 4 mins?

Yes I understand the system now. I like to read posts first, that is probably why my score looks like this:

Merely stating the fact that I was reading, half way there went for toilet break, and then gotten called by my boss, and went out replied a few messages, by the time I finished, already 2 hours since you posted 😂

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Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

Hehe I see too this problem:) you forgot write about dtube😄 Yes people waiting for new video and?? Battle who be first😀 I record video about @tipu to my polish community. Quration. Curate friend? Self? Or big fish?😀 Thank you for this post!👌

What people failed to realize, there's a beneficiaries needed to curb before the curation gets into positive. On the other hand, also need to consider early bird penalties. Imagine when you vote on dtube by 4 minutes, you need the post payout to go at least doubled before you go positive. So, it's not a race if we were to really play the curation game.

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Nice articel and good information! 😊

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Oh! I haven't check on your post 2 days! Argghhhh! I will swing by now!

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