Growth in Steem Thus Far #02

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SP HOLDING1995.0921322919.453636.893874.664136.7442794445.184672.125065.25
GROWTH PERCENT6.86%36.93%24.57%6.54%6.76%3.44%3.88%5.11%8.31%

Besides the monthly summary report for my account growth and what had happened throughout the month, this will be another monthly report for me to do a tabulation table and analyze the growth in a macro view. This helps to see how I grow each month and to find out how to improve my growth throughout time.

A look into my personal growth so far (recorded 8 months worth of data on my account). Looking at the chart and the table, my growth had been relatively stable beside the two months whereby I pumped in extra Steem through fiat purchase to boost my SP as the price was relatively low (ranging from $0.40 per Steem to $0.28 per Steem). Even though now Steem is at a very low price level, I had put in enough fiat as an investment for my account to have a certain level of impact (have sufficient voting power). Looking at October 2018 to April 2019, the growth has been around 6.5% but after May 2019, it had dropped to 3.5%. That being said, one of the very significant reasons for this drop is the presence of @myreader. The account had supported a lot of #teammalaysia members and I am also one of the benefactors. However, the account had pulled out its investment and start powering down. This constituted a significant drop in earning. Nonetheless, I am still keeping the momentum and keep producing contents while trying to find a ground that I want to stand. For this, I am putting myself back into @archisteem whereby I would like to curate sustainable architecture around the world, giving people idea on how design could impact the lives of many. Looking back, it has been 192 days since the account posted anything and finally it is time to revive it again. Looking forward to this weekend launching of @archisteem again. Will make it simple to manage at the very first stage and slowly build up the momentum again. Also, not forgetting on the project that had been ongoing for some time which is the 1001 Places to Remember. There were lots of work done and I will be utilizing the previous work and turn it into something beneficial for the community. As of now, I am still planning on how to pursue this. While on it, the account will be focusing on sharing interesting architecture happening around the world.

Again, @esteemapp has also contributed a lot to the growth of my account which stood approximate 1% of the growth for the month. Meaning to say, it is a whopping 30% or more growth as the total growth is around 3.5%. This is huge and I really grateful to be able to utilize @esteemapp to post. Again, great thanks to @good-karma, the developer team and also the curation team! Also, the curation from @tasteem submission had also helped a lot of the growth in July and August which is more than 5%, not very shabby for me as I only had very limited time on Steemit which is around 1.5 hours daily. Not to forget @ocdb providing a great platform for me to boost some of my posts and put my idling Steem into use. This is a good way to “power up” indirectly which I do not prefer to just power up by converting the Steem into Steem Power. Anyway, with the impending HF21, I am slowing down the posting and see what will happen next. Looking forward to the change of 50/50 reward distribution.

Compilation of Reports:

  1. November 2018
  2. December 2018
  3. February 2019
  4. March 2019
  5. April 2019
  6. May 2019
  7. June 2019
  8. July 2019
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