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If someone asked me a few months ago if I believe that there is even a small chance to have any type of communication with the headquarters of Steemit my response would have definitely been: NO.

But things change...people change...circumstances change and here we are. It took almost 3 years but the communication between Steemit.Inc and the fuel of this platform, us, simple users, is beyond great.

If I counted correctly 3 posts/updates have been published over the last 24 hours explaining step by step the progress that has been made regarding SMT's and the upcoming testnet that will take place in a week or two, some changes regarding the curation rewards when voting/unvoting and other interesting stuff that will be implemented during the next HF.

Is this enough to start celebrating?

Of course not. Mass adoption is where everyone should focus on when SMT's are finally released. But in order to get there we need SMT's more than ever before. And that's because they will be the bridge that will "transfer" hundreds of new users in Steem just because they will integrate with so many sites/businesses on the Web.

What's a few more months of patience in front of all the benefits they will bring along with their arrival? I have a feeling that SMT"s will be a success story. It's something unique in the crypto world and a much needed shift in order to bring people in Steem without even knowing that they are here.

They will...the moment they will be "forced" to create a steem account but that is a whole different discussion.

Speaking of accounts...

I wrote this post a week ago explaining how we could reduce almost 50% of the Steem liquidity from the exchanges if all the existing accounts could afford 5$ and buy steem. Obviously this ain't gonna happen for various reasons.

One of them is that according to @penguinpablo's stats there are approximately ~35K accounts transacting daily. Minus all our alts, bots etc the real number should be even smaller. That's why I insist that a brilliant marketing plan and the promotion of Steem blockchain should be the next target after the arrival of SMT's.

I am dying to see this place overcrowded...

I know that Steem shouldn't be compared with FB but I logged in to my FB account earlier today -hadn't done it in days- and remembered how it feels like to scroll down your feed and see a new publication every few seconds. Most of them are shit of course nevertheless, people are having fun...

Not so much fun when they realize that their personal data are stolen...

But we should keep doing our thing here, remember?

I like to think of Steem as the Illuminati...There are rumors that they are real, yet only few people all over the World know the truth and even fewer are part of it -if Illuminati are even a thing- But if they some point they will be exposed...I guess.

Exactly like us...we keep building everything from scratch, there are only rumors that you can earn by blogging...that you can build your online business on top of Steem blockchain, that you can cut the middle men...We are members of an exclusive club and when the time comes and everything is set...people will be joining by thousands...

I just hope that we will be ready...

Have a great one people!


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I think Steemit have a chance to make gains like ETH in 2017. We will see, how much Steemit will succeed.

You mean Steem, right?

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