Brainwash them...until they have no other choice but to join us. ## Proposal.

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According to the data, approximately 2500 new accounts are being claimed every single day, ever since HF 20 gave this option to apps, and simple users.

Does it mean that we have 2500 new users per day? Of course not. Actually we are far off from that number in terms of new users. Just a quick look through the introduce-yourself section and you'll see for yourselves what I am talking about. Yeah...remember that tag? Where people introduce themselves to the rest of us here? We should all probably visit it a bit more often...anyway you'll see where this goes.

At the same time, according to the very same data, power-ups outperform power-downs after many months. Couple that with the fact that at least for the next four weeks or so Steemit.Inc won't be selling any Steem, since they managed to have a decent revenue from ads.

So things should look great, right?

Both because there is not so much pressure on the price due to the massive amounts Steemit.Inc was offloading over the past months and also because people now have reasons to have a decent amount of SP staked rather than sell if too for pennies.

But do they??

No they don't. And that's not because there is no progress and development around. Steem is still cruising between 0.155$ - 0.165$ for many weeks in a row.It almost makes me angry...that flat line... So USD / EURO wise, it seems like there is still pressure on the price because not enough people have reasons to buy, hold and eventually stake their Steem tokens. Except from us. But we are already here....remember?

And why is that?

Because they simply don't know about Steem. Period. If they knew that:

  • It's one of the fastest blockchains..

  • That it's fee-less...

  • That anyone can build any kind of business on top of Steem blockchain...

And all the rest of the details that make Steem unique, they would simply be here. But they aren't, right? Let me say it one more time. THEY JUST DON'T KNOW ABOUT US.

Imagine someone investing some serious amounts of FIAT money to build a super luxury restaurant. A restaurant where you can enjoy your breakfast, meal or dinner. Where you an listen to music from a live band any time during the day. A place where would be the perfect place to date a hot girl/guy. But there is a little detail that makes the life of the owner hard. That beautiful restaurant is built in the third basement of a mall. Nobody goes down there...

Sitting on the 80th spot of Coinmarketcap, it is like being in the third basement ya know...

Did you read anything about advertising his new restaurant? No you didn't. Because HE didn't. That was his fatal mistake.

In other words...

We need to promote this project as hard as we can. We need to advertise Steem everywhere. There are some people over here such as @theycallmedan who have been promoting Steem via Twitter and other social media apps persistently. And hats off for that. All those people that have been promoting Steem selfishly, they simply do it because they know the potential this chain has. They love being around and they feel they are part of something that hasn't really been "exposed" the way it should have.

When I browse using my PC I turn the ad-blocker off. Simply to see what kind of ads pop up. That being said....

What's stopping us from flooding the internet with ads. Simple as that. Why not pay some big sites out there to let us place an ad / banner with a link the redirects people to the official site.

Could this be supported by the SPS?

How about a radio commercial during a radio show? People still use radio, don't they?

I made a research and there is not a single radio show, talking about alternative forms of investing such as crypto, in this part of the world where I live. Maybe in the US? Canada? Somewhere?

Do I sound like a maniac? We need to step up our game. And marketing is what we should focus on right now. There are businesses out there that spend thousands if not millions of dollars to promote their product. And often their product sucks...Yet they promote it as if it is the best in the world. How many times have you found yourself buying something that in most cases was worthless and you didn't even need it in the first place just because you had been brainwashed from their commercials?

That's what we need to do too. Brainwash them, and make them come here as if they were hypnotized.

And I rest assure you that when they come, they won't leave again and the rest will be...history in the making.

Anyone? Other suggestions maybe?

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Agree! And as I proposed already to Bernie...what about hiring influencers or whatever the name of succeed youtubers or Twitter godness in order to promote steem as well?

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Anything would be good. But the thing is that we need to pay for that, which is perfectly fine by me. Even if the SPS can’t support such an initiative. I wouldn’t mind if we would raise money as a community. I would happily pay my share

I don't think we're quite ready for the masses though. We still have the onboarding and rc issues on the chain for new users which makes for a terrible starting experience It's getting much better and the tribes will be a help but i think this should wait until the next hardfork when we get communities, smt's and rc delegation.

If those issues get fixed it's time to spread the word to the world. Until then i think it's better to bring them in slowly and provide that help to get them started.

Ready or not, I think we should focus on that right now.

During the previous bull run nobody cared about that seemed unimportant. Who would have thought that the crypto winter would last 2 years...and here we are...

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