Do you really think that, when prices start going up, there will be an announcement or anything of the sort?steemCreated with Sketch.

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I was about to make one of those little buys...You know, those small chunks of Steem that add up really fast and before you know it you make it to a new milestone, SP wise...

Not much, 1000, maybe 1500 more Steem...

The price had been way too tempting the last days to not buy some more. With the price swinging between 0.122$ to 0.135 for some time now the risk of losing an opportunity to invest is greater than a possible failure...

And I kept postponing it ever since the beginning of the week. There are many reasons behind that delay...but the most important of them all is because of that stupid no need to be in a hurry feeling...besides the price will be the same tomorrow and the day after tomorrow...if not lower that this long crypto winter "marked" us with.

Believe it or not when it comes to investing I do not hesitate at all. So today I said to myself: "Just place a damn order and buy that Steemzz ffs" And I would have, I really would have, I just happened to visit first, mostly out of habit.

To my surprise, and while BTC was moving sideways, that wasn't the case for our beloved currency too. Steem's price was climbing. Hadn't seen that green in a while...actually...meh forget it. I don't even remember when was the last time I saw those green candles.

Well, long story short I bought...0 Steem. And while I am writing these lines the price keeps going up. Nothing fancy or great but enough to make you smile. Steem is almost 20% up since the beginning of the week, ready to cross the 0.15$ mark.

Dead projects ain't go up...

Which got me thinking...Do you really think that when prices start going up, that there will be an announcement or anything of the sort? Because if you do, you are highly mistaken...

There won't be.

Things will reverse. The very same way everything kept diving for the past 2 years, just like that, without a warning, they'll start going up again. Could be tomorrow, or next week or in 5 years from now...But when they do I want to be "ready"

So, was it the right decision to not buy today? Well it was a stupid one...and that's because when the price climb to 1$ or 2$ name it, how much of a difference you think it will make if you purchased Steem at 0.125$ or at 0.135$?

I don't intend to jump in when the price starts going up...Not again...

Lessons learned...

Have a great one people!


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I've been calling it Proof of life.

I bought at .12 usd, not a lot, but.. I still have hope that was a good move.

SteemIt Inc didn't sell in Sept, and if we see the price start another slow decline in Oct, whether it can be directly traced to steemit, inc or not it is going to be a rough patch for them.

I've been calling it Proof of life.

Hehe...proof of life indeed

I bought almost at .12 too.

SteemIt Inc didn't sell in Sept, and if we see the price start another slow decline in Oct, whether it can be directly traced to steemit, inc or not it is going to be a rough patch for them.

I don't really know if this is the outcome of less pressure on the price due to their sell off. Who can tell really? Maybe spud also had to do with it...or maybe, just maybe, outsiders start seeing the potential too.

Yeah, I agree. I don't mean they are bringing it down. I just mean that if it starts to drop again that will be the perception

'you name it, how much of a difference you think it will make if you purchased Steem at 0.125$ or at 0.135$?'

When it was at 0.30, 0.22 and 0.18, it was also a bargain.
The problem is that every time we (re)adjust our expectations.
When there's little movement in price even every small hickup (up or down) is seen as a big one.
The vision gets blurry so to say.
Because, like I just already wrote above: 0.30, 0.22 and 0.18 is still a bargain, especially if you're here to stay longterm.

Tbh anything below 0.50 is a bargain...I started buying at 1.60....yeah I know, don't say it

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Here the same, bought (not that much as I did lately) at those price also, at 1.60, 1.22 etc.

It's like that figure of speech:
'If you don't take the next step, you'll stand on one leg for the rest of your life'.

I don't buy more steem and only go with what I have...

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Shhhh..... This stuff you are mentioning is highly classified. lol. 😂😂
Nice one. Resteemed!

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Dammit...I know...

Just thought that since just a handful of people are left here they should know😂🤟🏻

Thanks so much for the RS

If they buy I think they should convert to Leo.

Ha! Leo is definitely one of the best tribes

? It's not the best? lol I think neoxian might be second best but I dunno.

No one is been informed about price reversals so just scoop as is many as u can while u are still conformable with the price better option for you is to trade along the trend if u have doubts, will continue trading along it on bittrex until price moons keep steeming

Happy to be fully aligned with your thoughts.
Great post!

I know there are people who share the same mindset around here man. You are definitely one of them

I didn't buy STEEM lately, but I have powered up everything that I had... And I'm building, engaging and curating... that counts? :)

Anyways... You are right... There will be no sign "WE ARE AT BOTTOM - FILL UP YOUR BAGS" :) Actually, this is the second post in the last few minutes that calls it a bottom.. that's a good sign.. :)

Cheers and thanks for the awesome posts... I like to read them every day... ;)

that counts? :)

More than you can ever imagine

Thanks for your kind words my friend. I try to keep them as casual as I can actually :)

Keeping casual gives them special "personal touch" ;)
Have a great weekend!

The price is moving upward as it should. Steem has too much going for it!

Of course it has. And it's the first time that BTC had nothing to do with it...Maybe this is a coincidence, since we all know that usually BTC determines in which direction the rest of the crypto will be moving.

Anyhow..feels like a small win doesn't it?

Right? totally, decoupled from it. I think we'll see more of it. I'd argue the crypto world needs Steem (not the other way around) and will be writing a post shortly about it.

Anyhow..feels like a small win doesn't it?

We'll take what we can get agreed.

Thank you for posting from the interface 🦁

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