How much is your time worth?

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It's no secret that different people have different kind of needs. What for me is truly valuable, for the rest of the world, and in some cases even for people who are close to you, it might seem as a waste of time, energy and resources. That applies in almost every aspect of life, hence there are different cultures and attitudes. It is also the fundamentals on how our world and in some cases the virtual world also was built.

You still have no clue what I am talking about, right?

Let me give you an example. A few days ago, in this post I tried to explain why the person I share the house and my life with, has no particular interest in joining the Steem community even though she wouldn't have to do anything on her own...She is lucky enough to have an "insider" right in front of her, who would provide her an account and explain her everything she needs to know from scratch, in order to have fun, try something different, and eventually earn cryptocurrencies, all at the same time.

Others would kill for such an opportunity...

She finds it unbelievable that I spend quite a few hours every day, "just to earn a few dollars...if I am lucky", while I could do so much more and be way more "productive." The thing is that she calculates everything in terms of real money, while I only do it in terms of Steem and future value. What that means is that she evaluates her time differently than me.

Does that mean that she's right and I wrong?

It simply means that we don't share the same vision. I guess that this is a side effect of the bear market. You see if the price of Steem was at 8$ just like it was some 22 months ago she would probably think that I am doing the right thing being persistent as the payouts would have been 50x what they are now.

But I wouldn't...because I would earn so much less Steem

That being said, I totally understand the reason why some of the people who used to blog and earn big are no longer here. When people were used to earn, and day after day payouts kept going down as they are bound to the price of Steem, they obviously must have thought that there is no future in this place. They had their chance...and just let it go...Again, does it mean that I am right for still being around now that they are not? Only time shall tell...

So how about you dear reader? According to the statistics only 11K of us are still active. Can you even image? Just 11 thousand people out of the 1.3 million registered accounts...And assuming that you don't belong to that 0.000027% --->~35 whales out of the 1.3 mill "unique" users nor that you've reached "orca" status, for how long will you keep trying?

Does the price mean so much to you right now?

If Steem keep diving till it goes down to 0.01$ will you still be around?

How much is your time worth?

I don't think I have to answer that...I've done it so many times in the past.

Food for thought....Let me know what gives you strength and what's your motive in the comment section below.

Have a great one fellas!


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This is a difficult question to answer. Because it can/will be different for everyone.
There are just as much reasons to keep faith in things getting better, than there are to give up and quit I think.
It all depends on a variaty of things.
For example:

  • the moment in time you got in here
  • having a regular job or not
  • having some money to be able to buy some Steem
  • or completely dependant on your hard work here to earn Steem.
  • etc. etc.
  • and ... the most important: do you believe that ONE day things will turn around.

Years ago I had a (life)slogan: 'Promise yourself to never give up!' (I even had that line on the back of my businesscard back then.

Don't promise your wife, your bestfriend, the world.....
Promise YOURSELF to never give up.
Although my slogan here is: 'Don't waste your time, or time will waste you' , I still live by (and believe in) that old quote as well.

Anyway, to answer your question. I don't need to be motivated, as long as I have believe and faith that things will get better. And if that is the case, it won't be a waste of my time and then I can promise MYSELF to never give up.

P.s. If Steem goes to 1 ct??
I'll buy em all!

I don't need to be motivated, as long as I have believe and faith that things will get better. And if that is the case, it won't be a waste of my time and then I can promise MYSELF to never give up.


P.s. If Steem goes to 1 ct??
I'll buy em all!

And that!

If I were only active in the community to improve my return on investment then, yeah, it would be a waste of time. I'm here for enjoyment. How many other people can say that their form of enjoyment pays any money at all?

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How many other people can say that their form of enjoyment pays any money at all?

A quick look at the FB wallet and...oh wait...there is no FB wallet, right?
It's really dangerous trying to live off of the blockchain right now, but on the long run it is possible.

I was just writing the same response 😂👍
I am also here to enjoy myself😉

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I am also here to enjoy myself

And it could turn out to be the wisest choice you've made -social media wise-

Awesome post, at this point in my life, I'm chasing time, but there isn't more that I rather do than trade, blog, play basketball, spend time with family and friends. So yes, I will continue to blog on Steem regardless of price.

Wish I could only do the same mate...unfortunately I have to spend 1/2 of my day working... c’mon steeeeem...make me proud

Now is the best time to be active.
Fewer authors splitting more steem per stu.
When the price gets back to a dollar we will wish we could get 20 steem a post.

Imagine if it goes higher...

Been there, wasn't getting much steem.

Depends on how you seeing it..
I'm here around 17 months, still i don't get a single steem in my pocket, not that i couldn't do it, perhaps it's that i didn't invest any fiat money for it and i don't have to lose something except my time. But in the end i don't feel that my time waisted either, that's why even if i did many mistakes, I'm still here active and i will continue be!

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Two interesting topics in one post, that’s a lot to digest so early in the morning. But I can relate to the points your making in my own life. I certainly hope that my agreeing with you about blogging a lot now to earn more Steem versus leaving to go spend time in pursuits which pay more now, means I have foresight and not that I am fool hearty. 😉

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Glad to see that there are stubborn people among us! Great mentality