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Ever since the announcement by @roelandp that the upcoming Steemfest 4 will be hosted in Thailand, everything was crystal clear from where I stand. At least in my mind...

I knew I shouldn't miss the opportunity to meet with all those people that I interact daily on the platform, even if I had to travel across the whole globe...Thailand is located some thousands of miles away from Greece... but...why the hell not? It would be also a great chance for some rest.

You see, I wasn't around when the first but also the second Steemfest took place and I was still a tiny little fish which was still in learning mode during the 3rd one. So it had to be this one!

Needless to mention that interacting with people on Steem or in discord channels is one thing, while putting faces behind those avatars and meet those very same people in person is another...

So, I made sure that I will save money month after month for that trip. And I did. I didn't mind the cost of it, since I didn't participate in the contests sponsored by @blocktrades for a chance to win a free ticket. I wanted to challenge myself by setting a new target. And a few days ago I was finally there...All the money needed for that travel is sitting in the top drawer of my desk!

I was reading one post after the other from people who were announcing to the rest of the community that they will also be there and I was so excited. Of course nobody knew that I was planning to go too. I was actually thinking of writing a "surprise" post about a week or so prior to the Steemfest and "surprise" my virtual -for now- friends of mine. got in the middle and things won't go as planned...


Do you remember that I've mentioned somewhere in time that I work as a manager in a "small market" type of store? Well if you do, you will obviously remember that we literally deliver to our customers' door everything. Whether it is a cup of coffee or an ax.

So three days ago, one of our drivers was involved in an accident. And it was a bad one...Not only he was injured (3 broken ribs and a broken collarbone) but he also hit a pedestrian who was crossing the street...An old lady at around 70. She's is alive and out of danger thank God, but she had to undergo 3 major surgeries in three days. Broken wrist, broken waist...and broken leg...

Recovery time for him: 6 months.
Recovery time for her : unknown.

-As you can easily understand we are short of staff right now and taking a week off so that you can see people you don't know and the sightings in the other side of the world is out of question...
~ The boss.~

-Ffs why my life is always determined by some random actions taken by others and not by myself? You knew about this trip right from the beginning, almost 4 months ago. I'll go.

-Of course you can go, but don't expect to have a job when you are back.
~The asshole boss~

And that was it...The decision was made. I won't be able to travel to Thailand.

You cannot even imagine how I feel as I am writing these lines. Fucking furious is the right word...I mean I had to swear to do things that I probably wouldn't even consider doing just to get "permission" from my gf (she would have to work at the coffee shop all by herself for a full week) But I managed to bend her stubbornness...only to be "rewarded" by karma like that?

You must be probably thinking that I am not a compassionate person for talking like that. Trust me I am. I've visited both my colleague and the old lady at the hospital twice over the past three days and I'll do everything in my hand to help them recover as soon as possible but I think I have the right to be angry, right?

We often use an old saying here in Greece that goes like:

Whenever people make future plans...God is laughing

Suits perfectly fine...

So what now? I guess I'll have to wait one more meet some of you guys:(

As for the money sitting in the drawer...fuck it...I am going to buy more Steem with that...


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Quite a bummer man, sorry to hear.
Don't go myself either and hadn't planned to go because too busy right now.

Let's hope SF next year will be in Greece.
If that is the case, at least we'll be able to drink those beers together.

Ha! At some Greek Aegean island...drinking beers and have some tanning while hot...meh...I'll just stop it :P

Many, many years ago, I came up with the slogan, "life is about adjustments." I would say buying more Steem is a great adjustment despite the circumstances.

Would it be?

I can feel it, I'm so sorry, mindtrap. I would have you to have wished your dream had come true. Humans are really unfree and dependent. So much work, hardly any free time, not being allowed to do what you want and then having to be so careful, sometimes it's really annoying

It is annoying indeed.

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I mean I had to swear to do things that I probably wouldn't even consider doing just to get "permission" from my gf

Sounds like you promised lots of sexual favors !!! :O

As for the trip just fuck it, shit happens. You still saved money so can always go somewhere else or keep the money for the next steemfest, if one happens that is XD

Hahaha. Nah, nothing about sexual favors. But you know women...she has agreed only to squeeze me more later on

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