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I could talk to you about the power up -small one- to celebrate the SPUD 6 but I won't. Oh shit...I just did didn't I? Meh, don't mind me. It was my day off today and I was taking care all of those things that I've left behind due to my workload the past months...

But then again...I thought to myself:

"Wtf man, it's your day off ffs...chill out, will ya?"

At least half of the job is done....

What that means is that I did find some time to go for swimming today, stay at the beach till a few minutes ago and enjoy one of the best sunsets I've ever seen.


Also I enjoyed playing my favorite sport. Beach rackets of course. Ha! You know, in case I forgot to mention it, it is still summer here in Greece. Summer like 29 degrees of Celsius.


So, as I was watching this beautiful sunset and thinking of some random stuff, a smile was drawn on my face for no reason. Actually there is a reason but you might find it...unimportant. Well for me it's one of those beautiful details / touches that have to do with the people we have come close in on Steem despite the fact that we didn't have the chance to meet them in person so far.

Well, let me tell you a story...

There is this guy, that we have pretty much the same tastes: both love beer, doth love dogs, both are addicted to Steem to name a few. When I first "met" him I knew that we would stick together. And I was true...We did. He was a "dolphin" when I was a minnow...and whenever I made a new Steem buy to come close to him...a couple of days later he used to purchase double the amount I had bought...


The thing is that while I grew up my account and I am a mid dolphin, he reached orca status a few days ago...

Ffs you are killing me man...I'll go bankrupt if I keep doing this. Why are you doing this to me?????

What I am trying to say is that you can be / stay motivated as long as you have faith in what you are doing...And I deeply believe that Steem will thrive one day. So does he...

He keeps me motivated in a really funny or weird way if you will. I would invest in Steem no matter what he decided to do, we just both managed to grow our accounts up with a faster pace, which is eventually good for us but more importantly for those we vote for!!!

I won't name names even though I am pretty sure that he will understand who am I talking about straight away.

Keep being awesome mate!

Have a great month people!


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I have a pretty good idea about who you're talking here.
Ofcourse I respect the fact that you prefer to keep that a "secret".
Reading between the lines I get the impression that you think he wouldn't have that any other way.
And if it's the person I have in mind, you could be very right at this.

Have read the other comments here as well and hope one day you both indeed will drink beers together.

For now, Cheers.

Reading between the lines I get the impression that you think he wouldn't have that any other way.

You mean the orca status? Of course he would and he deserves way more than you can imagine. It would just be a much slower process hor him but also for me too..

Not that I am there too, or that I will be any time soon

Meh you don’t know him...:P

Good to have you around buddy.

Cheers ...for now indeed

It sucks loosing the race, but it's always nice to have someone you "know" in the race with you to keep pushing you to be better.

Now I don't know about pushing you into bankruptcy haha, but hopefully you'll be able to keep up and pass him one day without having to do that.

I am not interested in passing him actually. It’s enough for me that I am able to interact with worthy people. Thanks for stopping by my friend

Curious to know who is the name of your competitor...but I understand you don't want to disclose him ;-) Have a great month you too!

Oh, he ain’t a competitor actually. He is a good friend and I hope that one day we’ll be drinking beers together while steem will be cruising at 10$+

Then acquire some !BEER

Its really good for you to have such a great day. What a good friend you have, may you be together forever! Here in Nigerian we are celebrating our 59th years of indefendance and its fantastic.
Enjoy your life!

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Oh really? Sounds like a great day for you nation also. Have a good one yourself too!

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