Numbers....Oh..did you know that if all of us could spend less than 5$ to buy Steem, more than 50% of the Steem on the exchanges would be gone?steemCreated with Sketch.

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I am so fascinated by numbers and statistics. Quite often they are misleading and someone could easily make false assumptions just by looking at charts and numbers only. It happens really often is sports. A team might be dominating the whole game, yet not manage to claim the victory.

But numbers and charts don't lie when it comes to Steem.

I was looking at @penguinpablo's latest weekly report and I have to admit that news are definitely positive regarding our beloved Steem. So let's look at some numbers to see for yourselves why I have a positive feeling that things will keep getting better and better over time...

This is the the current Steem supply.

2019-09-26 21_22_44-SteemWorld ~ @mindtrap.png

And this is the total vesting from every single account on the chain.

2019-09-26 21_25_14-SteemWorld ~ @mindtrap.png

So 326,321,185.017 - 204,481,248.374 = 121,839,936.643 liquid Steem hanging around in wallets and on the exchanges. The numbers are slightly different on the images I am gonna show you since @penguinpablo made the post some 5 hours ago)

So, according to the stats he found, ~ 95 million Steem tokens are on the exchanges, while the remaining ~ 27 million are in our Steemit wallets, just not powered up. What's more interesting though, is that the number of "liquid" Steem tokens on the exchanges, is going down the last few weeks. Probably due to the HF 21 effect...Almost a month ago the liquid steem on the exchanges was almost 115 million tokens.

2019-09-26 21_30_42-Weekly report_ How much STEEM is stored on the exchanges_ - September 26, 2019 _.png

Data are for the past week only. Image credited to @penguinpablo

As you can see in the screenshot above, people keep withdrawing their Steem holdings from the exchanges to bring them in and power up. increased curation rewards are great aren't they? And if we exclude the 10 million Steem that are trapped in Bithumb for many months now the result is ~ 85 million Steem waiting to be bought / traded.

I know that I have some crazy ideas over time and you might think that what I am about to write is more likely a utopia, still I am gonna say/write it. At the moment of writing there are only 1.322.972 unique accounts registered.

What would it take USD / Euro wise to buy lets say 50 out of the 85 million tokens from the exchanges and power them up? It would simply take : 50,000,000 / 1.322.972 = 37,8 Steem. You know how much 37,8 Steem worth? 4.91 $


I know that some of you , included myself have multiple accounts. Still...we are talking about an amount that 95%+ of the users can afford to spend. And while some have already bought their fair share more than once, still it would push steem forward. And just like that more than half of the current liquid supply would be gone. How cool would that be? I am sure you can live with a cappuccino less this week...

If not, check @soyrosa's post in which she asks people what can you buy with 10$ in their county...

And then let my idea sink in...

This is actually what 10 Euro buys you...96 Steem.
2019-09-26 20_44_49-Steemit Wallet.png

I did it not only to take part in this initiative but more likely because it has turned out to be my daily addiction as well.

So what if...

Ok let it sink in again...

Have a great one people!


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$5!! Let’s do it lol

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  ·  3 years ago (Edited)

Spread the word mate. I am counting on you!

Maybe we can create a just joined the club of 70’s

I tried for years, minnows hate it when we tell them to stack up haha

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You better do the calculation for 3k active users.

I think that was me lol... you can check Around 2600 active in 24 hours 😀

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Maybe that was only for Steemit. Combined? All the front ends, games, steemmonsters?

Yeah but if you think about it, most who have those other accounts are on steemit also 😀

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True, yet some never login as they don’t post. Some only play games. But still 1K up or down makes no difference. We need way more active users

In terms of accounts it looks way better 😂

3K? Are we really that low?

I read that but I can't remember who's post was.

  ·  3 years ago (Edited)

Users are using different frontends: steemleo, palent, esteem, steempeak, busy, partiko, creativecoin, steemcoinpan, actnearn, sportstalksocial, neoxiancity...list goes on, total number for Steem chain should be much higher.

Active users mean commenting, posting or transacting? How about visiting not performing any actions.

Best info would be number of daily unique visitors.

Same users. I using 6 at least

I'm out of money now sorry, hahaha.


Hahaha. Have a nice day mate.

I'm off to work now, Have to go.

  ·  3 years ago (Edited)

As others have pointed out I doubt we have 5-10k active users at best...oh well... ok you convinced me. I will buy 5$ worth of steem when I am back home. Heck, maybe I will even create a butterfly effect and take steem to the moon XD

You love danger don’t you? XD

Yeah, who knows, it might end up being a domino

Thank you for posting from the interface 🦁

Only $5 - That's amazing

How could we spread this idea, make it go steemit viral?

Well, maybe ifwe could make more sposts about it(?) It is also a great opportunity for small accounts to buy cheap steem and be benefited the most

If they buy Steem I think they should convert it to Leo.

  ·  3 years ago Reveal Comment