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Back in the day, if an individual wanted to have access to the blockchain and interact with the rest of the community either by writing posts on their own or simply consuming others' content, there was one option only and that was to log in via It was the only existing front-end at the time.

But progress and healthy competition eventually lead to innovation. That's the essence of life after all, isn't it?

So after a while popped up, and gave everyone a lot more options such as the option to check your / everyone's recent activity, way more beautiful UI and a form of support via a small upvote -depending on the total amount of SP one's followers possess- when you posted through their site.

And then it was, which is by far the best option, at least from where I stand, since it provides way more options to make your Steem journey more fun and pleasant. Beautiful UI, the tool section where you can track your account's growth with charts and pies, extremely detailed wallet section, all sorts of notifications, even info about the Tribes. There is nothing I can think of right now that is missing. Hmmm, or maybe not?

There are way too many options today to enjoy your Steem adventure so make sure you find what suits you best.

Speaking of Tribes...

Every single one of them used to be a clone. Their only difference was the colors used on the background. That was until Steemleo team stepped up their game and with some nice additions that all investors love, turned their site into something...unique -Tribes wise- and trust me there are more updates coming soon.

Now you may wonder: Why do we need all those front-ends in the first place, and what's up for them?

One of the best ways to support SteemLeo is simply to post from our interface. It helps us burn LEO through ads and it also improves our visibility on search engines for long-term growth.

You do realize that this is important, right?

It is simply great to be a witness of this progress, either as a spectator or as an insider and the more additions developers implement to their sites, the more attractive they will become and eventually they'll manage to drag in more visitors.

So yesterday I had an idea. I was scrolling down my blog (like way down) in order to find a older post of mine so that I can participate in Showcase-Sunday initiative. Took me a while to be honest. At the same time I had the TV open but muted. So at around this time of the day, every day, there is like a 2 minute show which is called On this Day and represent all the important things that happened on this day, years back.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way, so that each user could see what they had posted on this day 1 year ago? Or 2 years ago? Or for the old guard...3 years ago? It would be a great way also to check whom you used to interact with, if your writing style has improved over time, if you have the same interests on the chain, and also a fine way to track your overall progress.

I don't really know if this is doable, and even if it is if devs should bust their asses off to work to make this happen since I have no technical expertise at all, but if there is a dev who might be reading these lines I would appreciate if he could drop a comment down below.

I totally understand that everyone is focused on the SMT's right now. And they should. It is something that if it goes as planned may change the economics on the Web in ways we haven't even dreamt of yet.

On-boarding the masses isn't exactly an easy everything need to be working perfectly fine...when the masses are finally here...

Till then, touches like the one I proposed could make our steem adventure even more pleasant.


Have a great one everyone.


PS. It's the first time I set beneficiaries...I hope I did it right.

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Thank you for posting from the interface 🦁

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