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I have to admit that I was a little skeptical the moment Tribes and more specifically PAL, since it was the first Tribe of them all that was introduced to us. And that is because ever since I joined Steem some 21 months back I kept hearing about communities and SMT'S that still haven't come to life. Of course as the time went by, I digged deeper and deeper until I finally realized that SE, Tribes and the tokens they issued were not gonna replace the SMT's or anything of the sort, but to give us an alternative and in most cases build a strong "internal" - for now - economy.

The work Aggroed and the team of developers behind SE have put into it, is probably beyond anything we can imagine. So hats off to all them.

~Can you even imagine your Steem journey without Tribes and all those new tokens?~

Everyone who is still active and was kinda struggling to be noticed in Steem was given a second chance via the Tribes. It doesn't really matter if you like to blog about sports, or photography, or even if you are a future porn start. There is a Tribe to appreciate your efforts. A Tribe for every single one of us...

And then...@Steem.leo came to life...

When I first heard of Steem.leo I was kinda shocked. A Tribe about investors that would only talk and write about investments? Nah...How would I even fit there? I mean I love any type of investment and as a matter of fact I am invested in anything you can imagine, but it seemed way to niche for my tastes...That was back then...

The more I think about it, the more certain I am that "niche" Tribes are the ones that will eventually shine in the long run....

...and that's because they are structured in a way to reward good contributions and remove all the rewards from those who are trying to find ways to game and milk the system. What that mean is that the ones that are rewarded also have reasons to invest in that Tribe and the ones who fall into the second group just stop trying after a few failed attempts. The end result is...

2019-10-10 20_42_16-#ask-banjo.png

You can thank @gerber for that

Now, one of the main reasons why LEO token keep going up, and trust me it's one of the very few out there, is because every individual that is working hard behind the scenes in order for this project to be successful, simply...deliver. Period.

@midlet was absolutely right when he said that Tribe sites need to offer something exclusive to their visitors.

You wanted something exclusive didn't you? There you go...!

Well, if you want your "product" to have increased demand you need to have the whole package. You need to offer more and more to potential visitors / investors. Human race is a highly demanding one by default. So how about real time stream prices??

2019-10-10 19_33_25-Home — SteemLeo.png

Really handy addition for all the investors who won't have to visit one site after the other to stay informed. But we are not done yet. There is also another addition. A new side bar where you can see crypto prices, stocks or simply get an overview.

2019-10-10 19_33_57-Home — SteemLeo.png

Steemleo dressed in black me

As an "insider" I need to tell you that these touches are nothing compared to the future plans @khaleelkazi has for this Tribe. In case of Steem, the current progress that has been made doesn't reflect on the price. Not even close...

It seems though that in case of Steemleo it does...

And here comes the this ain't a financial advise and that you should do your own research before you decide to invest in a project.

Then do your own, and in case you think it is an interesting project make sure you jump in fast. Who knows where the price might be don't want to be left behind, do you?

Have a great one people.


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I'm hoping to launch my game with a SteemEngine smart-contract that I can use to exclusively allow people to gamble peer-to-peer using Steemleo. It's moves like this that will really turn the heads of the people if we can nail it down.

Steemleo also has a great distribution and the people who created it already have a lot less power than on PalNet. Plus all stake was airdropped for free which is pretty cool.

I'm hoping to launch my game with a SteemEngine smart-contract that I can use to exclusively allow people to gamble peer-to-peer using Steemleo

How awesome would that be? Not to mention the impact it will have on the price.
Patiently waiting for the launch

gah i know what you mean. too bad my shoulder is so messed up. hard to even sit in this chair. It feels so close though.

SteemLeo is plugging along nicely.

The fact there is a plan for a consistent and ever growing burn really helps the supply of the token. This makes each token help even more valuable.

We have a blueprint to follow that will allow things to really take off for SteemLeo. It is one of the few tribes I can see who has it together...a plan of attack to really make a difference.

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite tribes.

The moment I “really” found out what it was all about it became my favorite Tribe. There are definitely great land for the future and those invested in this Tribe will enjoy those benefits sooner rather than later

Pretty much the coolest thing on Steem Engine and the work the Leo team does is absolutely remarkable!

100000% agree with this post. Leo is a must!

It is definitely a must.

On a side note, I enjoy the efforts of ctp as well. One of my favorite Tribes also

Appreciate that :)

One of the best things to happen to Steem, was the delay of SMTs, which led to SE tokens, which led to Steemleo. Steemleo has a great opportunity to disrupt the financial community by distributing the wealth being created by the very few in the coming years.

I couldn’t have said it any better than that.

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I don't know why I didn't get into SteemLeo earlier... But, a few weeks ago I have started to staking some and curate on the platform... Better ever than never... :)

And, I also share your opinion about "niche" tribes... I think that they have a chance in the long run... It would be a much harder to "general tribe" to stick out and succeed... But, we will see..

I would very much like to see Leo issue a token on EOS and get it listed on newdex. If they were 1 to 1 with the Scot this would provide another avenue of flow for the token and the whole steem ecosystem. It would also help strengthen Leo as an independent asset that isn't solely tied to steem.

Your so right @mindtrap "There is a Tribe for everyone!" and I will continue to Stake100% of all Tribe tokens recieved over 4 years towards my early retirement! Which do you think will hit it big!?!? I am Guessing Steem Leo! Love having one place for investment / Crypto advice etc. its an awesome tribe thanks to @khaleelkazi and all his hard work, even though I do not post on there much, I do visit quite often. and now have 736.86 Leo Tokens Staked!
So Even if only one of these tribes does awesome, I will be very happy!! Loved your post as always, upped 💯 and resteemed.👍👍👍❤💁

Thank you so much.

I am a big fan of the Leo Tribe but I am sure that as the time goes by some new and also some of the existing tribes will show their true potential.

Hodling tight might indeed lead to an early retirement..wise plan😉

Thanks! I sure hope so, for now its also cool to finally be a 2 times Whale and 5 Times Orca!! GO TRIBES!!🐋🐳🐬👍👍👍❤

Thank you for posting from the interface 🦁

Steemit and Steemleo seem opposite in some ways to me. The people on Steemit only seem to care about the pool whereas Leo seems to care more about growth. I am still optimistic on Steem though at least in the near term.

Only time shall tell

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