My 11º position on SteemAce tournament on SteemMonsters game

in steemace •  3 years ago 

Hello everyone, good evening everyone from @steemmonsters, @steem-ace and @battlegames.

Today, the SteemAce team held another beautiful tournament and, by the time, I was able to participate. It was a tournament with free entry and the prizes were GG tokens.


This type of tournament is very good for us who stake the tokens linked to the game, as it is another way to win them. We combine the fun of the games with the win they give us.

I was in eleventh position. I liked my placement. In qualifying, for example, I eliminated a much stronger opponent than me, namely @flauwy. I won one more round, passing the warrior @hanen. In the third round, was eliminated by 3x2 by @marioma.

I ended like this:


I received my 15gg Tokens for 11th place and I'm very happy.

I wish a good rest of Sunday to all and good SteemMonsters to everyone !!

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