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Goodnight to friends in Indonesia and Good afternoon may be in your country there are hours with my country

Greetings from me for all of you. I hope to be among you on this amazing platform
I have been using Steemit since October 2017. But it was only two days ago that I found a streaming platform. I tried to understand this platform and wrote but in my first post exactly 1 day ago I failed and understood me wrong.

From the results of a comment that in my opinion, one of the steaming team members who are new is wrong about this platform. I will continue to discuss this platform and will continue to work through my own writing.

Hopefully, I get perfect results in embracing this platform. And I thank my friends who have visited my post. I always hope to be given a match in my writing, please give comments below so that I know to continue learning and learning.
I really appreciate the Steemcoinpan team for developing an amazing place where we can let go of ourselves and our minds.

let's use our platform SteemCoinpan for our friends

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