Be The Master of Your Steem: Get Out Of My House!

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Let's face it, there's always that someone trying to dictate new rules, and that crowd trying to peer pressure you into compliance.

There's always that neighbor who complains about your noise, who sees when you arrive, who is always at the window.

Well, in the Steem ecosystem, there's always that crowd that tries to condition what you do, what you don't do... people who prevent you from being the master of your house.

This article is all about that.


An Example: What Am I Talking About?

But what am I talking about?

I'm talking about little things that happen everyday. I'm talking about those who say self-voting is wrong for example. If you want to self vote, go ahead and self vote, it is your stake, you got it, and if others are against it they can simply not vote for you or follow on with their lives.

I'm also talking to those who say using bots is wrong - I mean, I can see why they say that but they DO exist and people use them, so whatever if you do?

If your "ruleset" is that you should self-vote and use bots, then by all means go crazy - just don't expect people who are against it to like you... but in the end, don't let them be the masters of your house.

Your stake, your work, your time, your rules.

I don't self-vote my comments, I don't delegate to bid-bots, but that doesn't mean you are forbidden to do it.

Be the master of your house, grab a broom to swat people if they harrass you.

But Bots Are Bad: Yes They Are


But bots are baaaad - yes they are, but they exist and will exist unless witnesses bar them out or people stop using them.

Now, I'm an expert in human nature and I can guarantee people WON'T stop using them. And I can tell you with a high degree of certainty they will remain here, and even tribes will start having multiple bots in the future.

I'm not for it, but it is human nature, and it is impossible to stop that without forking some steem rules in.

Let Me Tell You About a Guy...

So there's a guy here on Steemit that delegates hugely to bidbots and pays for votes 50 Steem at a time, sometimes more... that guy made a blacklist he published with all the names of people selling their votes.

Turns out every single guy who sells his excess voting power at smartmarket in order to avoid for it to go to waste got in the shitlist.

This, to me, was poor taste and was the equivalent to a Godfather Mobster going after a little street fighter who isn't even doing anything illegal. I couldn't believe it.


On the other hand, that of course backfired, because people would take the peer pressure for someone impecable... probably... from someone who delegates and pays bot owners all the time - well, get the hell out of my house :)

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Glad I didn't make my planned comment about your self-voting, LMAO

Now, I'm an expert in human nature

Good to know :0)

I had just bumped into that post after seeing your comment on it in your comments feed (boy, I do sound like a stalker saying that...). It was good to see the list had been removed, and even better to see so many people stand up and call out this hypocrite BS.
It was actually quite a funny comments thread

At first, I thought he had backed down because the community called his BS, but then I noticed he was talking about rebuilding the list from scratch because of the so called 'error'. This is completely beyond me...

Why call it a 'blacklist' if it's only about organic/non organic rewards?

He did get people to engage, however...

I self vote my posts, I feel like I deserve it and it's only fair, also, whatever visibility I can give them is fair by me, I do work on them.

As far as vote-selling is concerned, whenever it goes over 90% it gets sold and that's the way it will continue to be... because it going to waste is far worse. (in my oppinion)

I love having you stalking me <3 <3

I don't judge... Partly because I (almost) never do, but also because I'm in no position to do so, lol. So there's no need to justify.
I only noticed because (for once) I checked who had voted already so I could adjust my %

I agree votes shouldn't go to waste, that would be a shame.
I noticed not that long ago that SmartSteem has implemented some options that allow you to minimize the risk that your votes would be sold to end up on a terrible post.

I still prefer auto-votes over vote-selling to avoid wasting votes, though. Recently, I canceled a lot of my auto-votes with the intention to increase manual curation. I did keep some in place, because I can't always find the time to follow up manually...

I love having you stalking me <3 <3