Reasons Why You Should Not think of Selling Your Sports Talk Social.

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Hello there,
Before reading this blog today, first play attraction to the steem projects below;

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I know that most of us in Africa we are too disparate to when can even sell our parents properties when they die just to get what to eat. We really think about what will happen tomorrow. In the end, we lose what would help us to get from where we are to where we what to be.
That is the reason why when you get all the money and district it equally to all people in the world it will go back in the hands where it came from in just two days.

This simply explains why the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. I the poor can afford to go through pain for some time they can also become richer than they are now. That is what we mostly work for as we are to make our motherland Africa a better place.

I have always believed that I Africa is to grow very first we need to account as much crypto takes as we can.
I believe the steem blockchain is what we have got to use to change our motherland.

But when You look around all the opportunities we have on the steem blockchain the sporttalksocial is the biggest opportunity we have to get for new.

Let me explain how big this opportunity is?

Sports are played all over the world, whether as hobbies, careers or as a part of fitness regimens. People play various games and people turn up to watch their games in huge masses across the world. Different communities have different sporting games they get involved in. Whether educated or not, poor or rich, big or small, different ethnic background, different political affiliations, different religious affiliation, It is the world of football and sport that connects us.
In Uganda where I leave it is in the football match where the poorest and the rich can meet and huger each other after a goal. Personal I do not know how many friends I have made because of football.

You remember a few year age when Didier Drogba end the civil war Ivory Coast just by kneeling down for rebels and the government to stop fighting. This and many other things in sports have helped the world to keep in peace and harmony.
The sporting world is huge but there is no other social media for the sports world.
all-sports-1.png Image
Every day we look for news in the sporting world be going to our sport TV stations and websites like
and others.
Search website receives huge traffic but you find out that they are centralized. You may want to post your own opinion on what the writer has write be you can't. You just have to be a consumer to the product.

This is where Sportstalksocial comes in with a huge potential to change when we receive the sports news.

I have started believing this token will impact the steem blockchain in the way on one can even believe. Sports lover will always be sports lovers. You can find people discussing football for hours and hours and sometimes even forget eating food because of football. I am one of the victims of search circumstances that is why I say so. Sports is soo addicted to you can even forget your girlfriend's appointment.
As a chess player whenever I meet with someone who known how to play it, I can even forget going back home. I also do not have games I play per day use the chess software even with expecting a shilling.

Hare is a platform that users can use to make money out of what you love doing. This opportunity we have to use before things get very tough. There will be A time then It is not easy to get a sports token.

I have just calculated the worth of one sports token into Ugx(Ugandan sellings) and found out that 1 sport is 3.6 UGX.
which simply means that even when is too small new is 3.6X bigger than the UGX.
For that reason, I have decided not to think of working in Ugx again.


It is high time we stopped looking at withdrawing anything for this platform and only think of investing and buying this token because of it's potential.

Thanks for not selling your sports tokens.

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Once a sports lover, always a sports lover. And SportsTalkSocial would be one of most popular platforms for all people who are passionate about sports. Thank you @battebilly for sharing this.