The Steem Blockchain and Steemleo being the Best

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The steemit platform is indeed a huge blessing for the blockchain lovers and investors.

I personally regret the fact that I didn't pay any serious attention to this platform around 2017, I didn't believe the platform would be a successful on or can be indeed an investment portfolio one can hold. If I have taken the opportunity then,. I could have grown and reaping great dividend now.

Not too long ago till this year, 2019 July I started all over again and being active here again. It has indeed a blessed and amazing since then. As I try to grow and build in good faith my account.

I learnt there are several way one can participate and make something good out of steemit; delegation, Staking, Leasing, curating and so many communities, tribes and alot that I don't even know about.

But I have taken time to observe a particular tribe through the steem-engine platform which is STEEMLEO, I so much love them and love using there platform to post my write-ups. I actually stacked my steemleo earnings which indeed had been amazing. To me, steemleo is the best and amazing.

Generally, steemit is just wonderful and I don't just see it as a blockchain based social media sites, but an investment portfolio. I see it as a long term business and that is how I see it.

I'm happy to be back again after neglecting for years, I have learned my lesson in a very hard way and I'm ready to rock and roll in this place, no more going back.

Thanks for reading and always supporting me.
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Thanks for posting from ;)

Thank you for sharing your experience.

I was writing back then about how terrific Steem was and to not overlook what was developing. Many seemed to not believe it. Now, we are seeing a different attitude by many about Steem.

Things are only going to keep getting better around here.


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