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I am not going to write much, let the charts speak for themselves.
As investing community u should get that better than words.

one column on that chart = 3 hours
LEO Mining Power logo2.png

Looks like mining power is still growing = people buying LEO miner tokens.

Number Of Mining Accounts.png

Liquidity. Ignored token sale order and noleo4you (account for downvoting abuses).


LEO Power Distribution.png

Power Of Top 99 Accounts logarithmic scale .png

I will explain that one:
U can see here that only 20 accounts have more than 10 000 LEO power.
40 accounts have more than 4 000 LEO power.
To be in Top 100 with your power u need 1605 LEO power.

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It was a smart move they made avoiding the dumpers of PAL.

True. And very enjoyable on discord watching people asking "Why no airdrop for me" :)

Wait. How did they avoid dumpers of PAL exactly? Do you mean because it wasn't using the PAL claimdrop list but rather the PAL staked list at a certain block height?

That way people who just dumped PAL and forget about it, didn't receive any LEO.

Yeah, I guess another difference is claimdrop based on recent activity v. airdrop based on staked PAL.

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Shit happens to those who don't see potential.

I enjoyed this myself, but then unstaked my pal yesterday as I'm in a wait and see mood with that non specific community.

My Leo is staked and will likely remain that way as I see a great potential in investment content. If I'm going to be lost in a sea of content I'd prefer it be focused so that I might potentially see some growth.

I love the pal people I'm not sold on its value, it's fresh new and novel but after the eip that will all wear thin I'm thinking. I don't earn rewards really anyway despite being amazing so what do I care, I will take my pal and buy btc this week thus alienating myself further for doing the smart thing for my steem situation...

Also if anyone is interested in Ocean I did a thing please go check it out, I might be small here but I have the internet too...

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I've been wondering myself whether PAL even counts as a 'community' - it's nice and everything but it is so broad - the palnet hashtag is actually vaguer than the life hashtag!

Leo feels more like how communities are supposed to work.

Fair point about the novelty factor and the price too.

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I feel like palnet is like the new base, like Steemit is. Every other tribe benefits from using it as their tag

They're a good bunch!

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OK cool I'm glad I wasn't off base there for feeling that way. It seems a common thread we all share is investment opportunity and specifically tech/crypto related stuff.

I'm very much a greenhorn but that's certainly one of the most compelling reasons I came to steem and stayed. Building a thriving community around that seems more than logical.

I appreciate the we are the good guys vibe and intentions of PAL but it's definitely too vague for me to latch onto. More power to the pals that want to pursue it I'll stay tuned..

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They're both my kind of thing, so I'm very happy to be here ATM!

The boost in morale is PALpable 😁

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At this point in time, it's too early to have meaningful data, but it will be interesting to watch the trends. I assume everything is going to settle over the next month and a base will establish itself. I'm definitely excited to be here so early!

Liked looking at the charts and data @gerber, very interesting stuff. It will be interesting when some of these airdrops go off the beaten path a bit in my opinion. Eventually if this same format is kept up the holders of one particular token are made instant whales (or at least very big fish) virtually every time. Of course we are so early on there needs to be some kind of behavioral mechanism to gauge who and who is not worthy and how much. Interesting take, thanks for the data glad I caught it on the daily leo.

Woohoo so the daily Leo is doing work and driving attention, that’s all we could ask for 😎

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I would be curious to see this again come next week and start to get some form of growth numbers.

I did that daily for PAL, but it was exhausting. Weekly is a better choice. Possible to do, but SE explorers are little off and it's very frustrating.

Another airdrop? 😍 But this time based on LEO? 🥰 For a tribe dedicated to bitcoin maximalism? 🤓☃️

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Great charts and info gerber Keep it up

Like your stats very much!!
But the questions is not, how easy it is, to be in the Top 100 of steemleo:).
The question is, how ist the Utility of this token for investment-stuff-post!
And this utiltiy ist very high right now-and will raise more- if you ask me!
best regards!

Do you curate on Steemleo also. Something similar to caption.palnet ?

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Yep he does under @leothecat ;)

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need more great upvotes I’m near the top 100!!

Greetings, gerber

From the graphs you put it, it looks like we're only at the beginning in relation to the @steemleo tribe's growth. This is very good, therefore, it is a subject that I imagine to be a cause of learning for the majority of people who attend this steem platform.

Thanks for sharing and good night !!!

#sct #palnet

Hmm so good
Maybe I will buy leominer

Interesting, I would like to know how many Leo people are active

Excellent information thanks 👍

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Leo token price soaring, is LEOMM popularity soaring?

This is a great beginning!