Build Something that Has a Small Amount of Value to a Lot of People

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I always love a good success story. The way I go about reading books and learning new things is primarily through finding great people who have accomplished something astonishing in their lifetime and then consuming every piece of content I can find about their life.

One of the foremost examples of this is Elon Musk. I’ve looked up to Musk since I was about 8 or 9 and first learned of all the amazing breakthroughs he was making. When I learned about the Tesla Roadster a few years later, I was officially hooked. I even got a Tesla jacket for one of my birthdays around that time.

Musk is a controversial figure. Some hate him and some really love him, but I think that’s the way that all the great people in the world are viewed — you have to break some eggs to make an omelette.

I’ve been going through some of Musk’s famous interviews lately and found this one from about 6 years ago:

It’s almost 2 hours long, so there are quite a few topics covered, but one thing that I really enjoyed is the part when they talk about internet companies. In light of the things that Musk is working on — building SpaceX to take humans to Mars and building Tesla to convert the world from harmful energy to solar and electric energy — anyone who works on the internet to build things like photosharing apps seems to be wasting their time on meaningless noise.

Musk, however, disagrees with that notion. He believes that there is some value in building things like Instagram and similar internet apps.

"Building something that provides a little value to a lot of people can have a great impact.” - Elon Musk

Not all of us can build space companies or next-generation electric vehicles. Some will have to work on the here and now. There’s nothing wrong with either approach and there’s nothing wrong with swapping back and forth between them.

Everyone here on the Steem blockchain is working to build the Steem ecosystem. Whether you’re a blogger trying to build brand and gain awareness for yourself and for Steem or you’re a DApp developer or community operator trying to grow a thriving business on the blockchain, we are all making an impact on a greater machine.

Steem may not radically change the world and launch us into a new era, but it sure as hell can have a small impact to a large number of people. The size of that impact and the possibility that it can actually come to fruition depends on the things that we all do in the here and now.

When you look at Steemians in places like Venezuela or Bangladesh, you can see that Steem could potentially have a massive impact on their lives. Someone who lives in America or many places in Europe as contrast shows that Steem could still have a big impact, but not quite as life-changing as for someone who’s living in a corrupt economy with no alternatives in sight.

Even though the price doesn’t reflect it, I truly believe that Steem is continually evolving and moving forward on becoming a colossal social-economic ecosystem.

I said yesterday on @pennsif’s show that marketing the Steem blockchain needs to be a two-fold approach. We need to onboard developers and businesses to Steem itself and we need to onboard users and content creators to the second-layer apps and communities such as SteemLeo.

If we focus on marketing in this two-fold approach, I believe that we can grow the user base of Steem, which has been steadily declining in the bear market. We have incredible developments happening here on Steem. What we need now is a better user experience and a better outward marketing front to new potential users of our apps and communities.

From the beginning, this has been my ambition with SteemLeo. In fact, I created the LEO token for the very purpose of onboarding new Steemians well before I had the idea for the SteemLeo tribe.

Tribes weren’t even announced when I started LEO. I knew that I wanted to build something that could onboard new users to this amazing blockchain and once I saw the announcement for Tribes, I jumped on the opportunity and never looked back.

If SteemLeo can have even a small impact on our ability to onboard new users to this blockchain, I consider that to be my contribution to the goal of having a small impact on a large number of people.

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interesting how i got excluded from steemleo withotu notice while my posts fit platform 100% ?

i see you, bro. what do you mean?

im muted since a month - i came to the discord and thats what they said. see that last post is month ago, when i did steemleo posts even this week

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If you had PAL, you would have free air-dropped LEO. Holders of PAL got up to more than 50K LEO free on airdrop. I got around 5K free LEO and rest bought from the market.

You are an ideal blogger for @steem.leo. Why not use #steemleo tag on your blog.

You are a rich guy and top trader, you can easily buy into a whale position easily ;)

i did and nothing showed up. im removed from steemleo with no word really.

Interesting thoughts, but I wonder how well Tesla autos would do in the marketplace (real world) without huge government subsidies.

I've heard a lot of arguments over government subsidies. What I've found after looking into it is that subsidies are simply an accelerant for Tesla. They don't make or break the business model.

On the other hand, look at industries like big oil and gas... their entire business model is predicated on government aid and overall control of the population to use their products and services. Without government cooperation, big oil would be a big pile of nothin in my opinion.

Also, the subsidies for Tesla are rather small and continue to shrink. The majority of subsidies are on the side of the consumer who buys a tesla and gets certain tax benefits and credits from the gov. Why is that a bad thing? I think there should actually be more subsidies for buying a Tesla as you are literally saving the earth from harmful carbon emissions that are destined to destroy us in 100 years if we don't change something.

This could be my favorite post I have read on #steem so far. I will resteem it.


Thanks Bradley!

Thanks Bradley!

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@khaleelkazi can @steem.leo be added to,

@sportstalksocial is already there and ranked 23!

I believe that the first step is to add @steem.leo into @therealwolf's Steem Apps list then it can be integrated to the state of the DApps.

I wonder why does not have Alexa ranking yet, though most other top Steem DApp site has (palnet, sprintertalk), it could be that steemleo is relatively new or yet have not enough traffic.

Hi, yes I have that on my list of things to do. Hopefully we can get that listing sometime this week.

Also, we do have an Alexa ranking. Where are you looking and not seeing it?

I got it:

It is impressive to #248,670 ranking so early in the stage.

Thank you for posting from the interface 🦁

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