Steem Downtime.. Panic or Popcorn?

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Steem has been down for a little while now. I'm not sure the official timing... I think it's been about 18 hours or something like that.

Some people have been panicky, others have seen this rodeo before. Downtime on a blockchain is not a very good image, but I think a lot of people have forgotten (or weren't around) for HF20 when we basically had almost a week of downtime.

Downtime sucks, especially when you love logging into Steem. I spend all day on Steem, so I've been itching to login. Sometimes I open my phone and click the icon to go straight to Steemleo on pure habit. Kind of funny how our brains work.

Anyways, blockchains are complex things. I can only imagine how hard it is to develop a blockchain and instill new changes to it. Especially when that blockchain is taking in tens of thousands of transactions each and every day by thousands of users from across the globe.

Panic or Popcorn?

This was funny timing because I was just talking to someone earlier yesterday about panicking in a bear market. We were talking about both stocks and crypto.

Should you be worried about short-term downtrends or even downtime on your favorite neighborhood blockchain?

It all depends on your perspective.

I come from the perspective of a long-term investor... when I say long-term, I mean looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong-term.

I'm looking at the 5-50 year time frame. Sure, short-term movements have an impact on my lifestyle and how I spend my time, but at my fundamental core, I am in this for the new world that blockchain can create... we are merely a few steps in on a journey of a thousand miles in that regard.

So in other words (both literal and metaphorical), I'm chillen with a bag of popcorn (yes, that picture above is actually mine) because 1 day or even 5 days of downtime doesn't bother me all that much. It has little-to-no impact on the 5-50 year vision I have for Steem and blockchain tech and my various investments in STEEM/crypto.

What did you do during the downtime? Did you run for the door in panic or swing open that microwave and pop some corn?

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Ha! I actually also ate some popcorn and watched a movie last night.

Won't deny that i might have checked in on my STEEM accounts a time or two to see if back up.

Was very nice to come back this evening and find a pile of LEO stacked up from my mining shares :-) Does not mean I have made the best decision yet, but this is exactly why I bought them :-) and was a nice feeling.

Also a bit of a hurricane junkie and checked in on the terrible storm sitting over the bahamas. God bless all of those people who are probably getting decimated by that thing :-(

I went for a walk to get a better step count for Actifit report.

Walking is underrated. Nice job using the downtime to get even more active! that's always a good thing :)

I was wildly productive today and I’m having a ball on discord most are seeing the humour in the situation #newsteem jokes are going off left right and center on those chats

hahaha yeah I saw something hilarious on Twitter by whatsup about newsteem fighting with oldsteem

Well, basically I have been checking every 20' steemd and steemworld... but also at on discord

lol I know the feeling... been checking and checking. Trying to enjoy the day but sometimes my habit creeps in and I check without thinking

Too much donwtime is not good for the image of this blockchain. ;)

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Neither for me.

I have been around the block a few times and seen screwups and expected difficulties.

So, panic is not going to work and I am too busy enjoying life than to have to sit and suck salty carbs while searching for entertainment on a blockchain taking a while to reawaken.

I just let it be.

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I had some great time with the family as we prepared for the storm which has mostly been uneventful so far. Long term is great as long as we enjoy the engagement and other things we can do along the way!

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Not a great advert if you want big money companies to use the steem blockchain. How much would they have lost in this amount of down times?

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@khaleelkazi, For me it was Popcorn time because i took a break and spent my time in Entertainment and Rest and now ready with renewed journey. Stay blessed.

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Hello Khaleelkazi
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