The Future Has to Be Exciting

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Elon Musk is one of my favorite people on the planet. It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of everything that he does. I’ve consumed a lot of the interviews and talks that he has given and one of the ideas that he talks about frequently is very near and dear to the way that I live my daily life:

Many interviewers ask Musk why he does the things he does. Musk frequently works 90+ hour work weeks and goes through various phases of his life when he’ll look angry, sad, tried and sometimes even depressed.

In reality, he’s just overworked at times. If Elon’s body were a computer, his processor would be overclocked way beyond it’s normal capacity.

The answer that he gives for why he does what he does is one that fascinates me: the future has to be exciting. There has to be a good reason to get up in the morning and live your day. We can’t just be going through the motions of life and solving 1 problem after another with no clear vision in the long-term.

There are only a few reasons why I am able to even get out of bed each day. I have a broken back, so I am constantly dealing with pain and discomfort. Two of the main things that keep me going in life are working out and working on my vision of a great future with blockchains.

I do a lot of yoga and I still do some weight lifting, but have had to cut it back quite a bit since my back injury about 1 year ago. This leaves me with the Steem blockchain and working on things that create a more exciting future. Not only for myself, but for the entire world.

If you’re on Steem, then you are probably a believer that blockchain technology has a bright future in changing the world as we know it. I have been a believer for over 3 years since I first got into the space. Ever since I started learning about Bitcoin, Ethereum and eventually about Steem, I have realized that there is a way for me to make an impact in the way that these technologies are adopted.

Many of my friends and family often tell me that the only things I seem to talk about are health & nutrition, future technologies, blockchain and of course, Steem. Whenever the conversation shifts to something other than these topics, I tend to zone out and think about work and other things that I want to build and be a part of.

When I think about blockchain, Steem and what we're trying to build with SteemLeo, I am excited by the future. I am excited by all the implementations and iterations. I am driven to wake up in the morning and get to work on bringing about my vision for what SteemLeo can become as a massive resource for people to learn about investing and share their passion for it while earning a stake in the success of a distributed platform rather than give all their attention away for free to some platform like Seeking Alpha or Facebook who take 99% of the value and give nothing but peanuts back to the users and content creators who make their platforms valuable in the first place.

Ever since I was 14 years old and started dipping my toes into the investing space, I have been chronically obsessed with learning everything I can possibly learn to make me a better investor. The awesome thing about investing is that everything you learn ties into making you a better investor. From reading philosophy to practicing an instrument, every lesson you learn can be tied back to that overarching goal of being a better investor.

SteemLeo is a project that excites me. It’s something that makes me want to get out of bed in the morning and fight for a brighter future.

We all need to have these projects. They are not about making money or getting rich. They are simply about making the future better and making our lives about more than waking up to solve one problem after another.

Drop a comment down below and let us know what you’re working on. What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

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I am right there with you @khaleelkazi. I, too, am a Musk fan and the vision he has. While I dont agree with everything, he is an incredible visionary and working on changing the world.

I see the same with Steem. This is not about us as individuals but collectively. This is about humanity. We are enslaved due to the centralized entities that have their fingers in every part of our lives. Taking control of our money is an important first step.

100%. If we take control of money on a global scale, combatting other centralization issues will be far easier. The issue of censorship on social media due to ad sponsorship deals is a major one and will fall right alongside the global currency battle.


This morning I slept in until 6:54.. then I sat up in the tent and said we gotta go.. I gotta go post #themorningbowl ..

hahaha we all have the have that thing that keeps us going. The inspiration flows as you pack some bowls ;)

The inspiration flows as you pack some bowls ;)

Oh look. He's a poet and don't know it 😁 !tip

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Elon is a whiny crying little bitch as showcased here

Nah, just kidding. He is awesome. I love watching videos of him too, I just love seeing his passion and feelings unfold, really motivational shit!

We should try to bring him over Steemleo somehow. Nowz that would be awesome :D

lol I almost downvoted you after reading the first line ;)

Having him on the SteemLeo show would make my life complete. I would happily die the following day.

Having him on the SteemLeo show would make my life complete. I would happily die the following day.

Ok, this sounds like a challenge. I will see what I can do !

Thanks for sharing your story and your motivations. You are building something great here and I think I understand your passion. I been involved with crypto for only two years now and my desire to learn and talk about it is insatiable. I am also excited for the future of Steemleo, so I can only imagine the uncontainable joy you must feel.

It truly is uncontainable! Just ask any one of my friends and family... they all know that I just can't shut up about crypto/steem/steemleo! Thanks for being a part of this mission, we're building something incredible 🦁

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