The Value in Having a Passion for Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology

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There’s no money in it. You’ll never get rich.

You’ll never support yourself.

What if the technology disappears tomorrow? What if the price crashes tonight? Then what will you have to show for it?

These are the kinds of things that I hear from outsiders looking into crypto and the people who work in this space. In fact, these are often the concerns I hear when I talk to family and friends about Steem and about my passion for the crypto and blockchain space.

What I have come to realize over the past 3 years as I have really dug my heels into this new technology that is continually evolving alongside a rollercoaster of price action is that 99% of people out there are only concerned with money.

People won’t admit it. Neither to you, nor to themselves.. but trust me: they are obsessed with money. It rules their every thought and it guides their every action.

Each day, they wake up to a life where they go to work and drone on and on about how much they hate their job. They complain about coworkers. They complain about bosses. They complain about the bills they have to pay, the mouths they have to feed and the paycheck that never quite seems large enough.

The funny thing is that these same people will discourage you from working on something that you’re passionate about.

They’ll badger you with all sorts of questions about this field of interest that you have grown to love. They’ll ask many of the questions that I started this post with.

Doesn’t it seem backwards that the same people who discourage others from following their passions are also the ones who hate their passionless job?

My only explanation for it is that they are so brainwashed by societal standards that they actually believe that there is no other way.

They actually believe that getting a formal education and then going into a “practical job” is the only “reasonable” way to live your life.

My argument is that I don’t want to live a “reasonable” life. Who lies on their deathbed, looks back on their life and smiles with the acknowledgement of “I had a reasonable life."

I am fascinated by this idea that so many people are plagued by — working on a passion is meaningless unless you make money from it. The people around me often tell me that I’m wasting my time with crypto and the Steem blockchain.

I tell them that unless they can wrap their head around the idea that not everything has to be about money, then they will never understand it. True, working in an industry that’s called “cryptocurrency” doesn’t help the cause of explaining this idea, but if they took even a few hours of their time to understand the technological potential of cryptocurrencies, then they might just come around on it.

They might realize that even if you make $0 after 3 years of working on crypto, you might still learn something. You might learn something about yourself, the technology that surrounds us and even pick up some useful skills in other fields of interest.

The goal is not to get rich. It never was. The goal is to wake up each morning and LOVE what you do with everything you’ve got.

If you wake up in the morning and can’t wait to “go to work” then you live a successful life in my book.

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I recently introduced a guy I use to work with to Steem. He had a little crypto and is from the IT background.

Last week, I asked him about it and he said he really didnt have time study it all. Then for the next hour he proceeded to tell me how things are changing, for the worse, at the company I use to work at.

My only question is how many years did he spend to learn to be a slave to the system?

What you state in this article is the same thing people said about the Internet two decades ago.

By the time the masses understand, the early adopters will already have positioned themselves in fantastic shape.

I'm so deeply fascinated by the people who say they have no time to learn about crypto and blockchain technology, yet turn around and simultaneously complain about their current work/living situation.

Even if one spends 1 hour a week learning about blockchain, that would put them far ahead of the masses in terms of knowledge about this technology that will radically reshape society in the years to come. You're absolutely right, we've seen this story play out already with the internet where people refused to learn about it early on and many large corporations and individuals paid the price.

I've "lost" more money in crypto than I put in if I compare them with fiat prices but these are both moving targets that are closing in on one another each day. I'm earning more stake than I ever had before and I'm much more confident in using the technology. While I may have lost a few thousand dollars what i've gained is an education that I think will bring me way more in the future.

An education that was cheaper than the degree I paid for and one that I can use practically. I'm absolutely besotted with this space and I feel it will shape the world gradually and I want to be a part of that.


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I think most people who are besotted (love that word) with crypto have a similar story of making mistakes and losing money but don't resent those mistakes. It creates an interesting culture for the crypto-obsessed as we realize how early we are in adopting these technologies into our lives. The value of this education is way more profound than any formal education available

Well said @khaleelkazi ...

"They might realize that even if you make $0 after 3 years of working on crypto, you might still learn something. You might learn something about yourself, the technology that surrounds us and even pick up some useful skills in other fields of interest."

... as there is never an end to what we can learn, if we approach every venture with the right attitude.

I appreciate your attitude and the passion with which you pursue your vision of what can be. All the best to you and yours, for a better tomorrow!

P.S. Written by an "old man," who chose never to stop learning. Even after retiring ...

100% agree. Your attitude in approaching things affects the outcome immensely. So many people approach failure and shortcomings with a negative attitude. If they instead took an approach such as the one you're taking in your life, they would realize that you always come out ahead. Either you win or you learn, but usually a bit of both over time.

Thanks 🦁

I'm still learning that law of what you love, the rest will follow...yeah I'm Steemit as a long term investment, but I love blogging about the markets...before Steemit, I was on Twitter and Facebook, but Steemit offers the best of both worlds, share my analysis and get a little reward at the same to love it.

100%, it's always a work in progress. The important thing is that you're making consistent actions in the right direction. I think the time you spend here blogging and interacting will pay 100-fold in terms of knowledge and maybe even financial gain as this technology is adopted.

I'll be happy if I can save up enough cryptocurrency that I can retire a few years earlier. Once again, it's not about the money, it's about the passion and joy posting and creating and currating content brings.

But the money doesn't hurt either ;)

Haha the money is always fun. What I like to remind myself (and others) is the educational value. Sure, we can potentially make a lot of money, but many are turned off by the risk of losing money.

Instead, I say do a small amount of money that you are comfortable losing and then spend your time learning this technology. It's so important!


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Crypto is still new so there are still some opportunities but so far, I've not had any monetary gains

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