When it comes to the time, are we partners in crime?

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It was supposed to be an ordinary day. You know, one of those super depressing Mondays where everything goes wrong and there is so much workload to be done. Yet, life always finds ways to surprise you.

Woke up at 07:45, (my shift starts at 8) jumped off the bed as if I was struck by a thunder, dressed up as fast as I could and despite the fact that my job is only a few blocks away from where I live, still, I was 15 minutes late...I was expecting grumpy faces and attitude the moment I stepped in but...surprise surprise...the boss was stuck in traffic so everyone was happy...Can you relate maybe?

He's a serious entrepreneur, in mid 40's who lives by the book. He used to live in Peru for a decade or so, but he came back to Greece 5 years ago and lives here ever since. Happy owner of a "mini market" among other things. Or should I say of a "small super market" to be precise? You see you can find all the shit you can buy in a super market in our store too, only in smaller quantities. Plus, serves coffee too...Add to that the fact you don't even have to come and buy stuff on your own, a simple phone call is enough 'cos we simply deliver everything right at your doorstep and you might get an idea of why this place feels like a mental institution at times.

And that's where I fit in...to keep everything under control while he is doing his thing...meaning, nothing at all.

Anyway, after a few hours I was already feeling exhausted. Sat on my desk, grabbed my mobile device and logged in to Steemit, like a proper addict. Scrolled down my feed which was kinda empty due to different time zones. Bought a few hundred Steem which later on powered up. You know..ordinary stuff.

2019-09-09 21_58_09-Steemit Wallet.png

At some point he could no longer resist and asked me:

-"What the hell are you looking at? Facebook stuff?"

-Facebook? Nah, this is bullshit. You wouldn't understand anyways...

-"I ain't a fool you know...try me..."

-"Do you know anything about crypto?'

-"Of course I do. I possess something less than 1 BTC"


-"You are kidding, right?"

-"Why would I do that?"

So long story short, he was very well informed in various crypro projects but hadn't heard of Steem before. So we had a really long discussion. I explained to him everything regarding Steem and for the first time ever since I've starting promoting Steem to friends, colleagues and family members didn't feel like a pain in the ass. Probably because he was familiar with the Crypto World.

He found the whole concept really interesting which was...surprising. Damn...and I thought he was stupid...

He is about to promote the delivery service of our store by distributing advertising leaflets with our products...door to door. And DANG....I dropped the idea.

-"How about start accepting Steem and SBD too instead of fuat money only? All you need is a Steem account. I'll give you one...That way you will trigger your customers curiosity...They'll start making questions...you will promote Steem without even trying...they'll start digging...All you need to do is add a little line on those leaflets saying:"We accept Steem and SBD...don't be left behind".

-"Don't be a fool. It's going to work!"(I DID call him a fool)

For a moment he seemed to be negative. But he is also smart. So he asked me to go out with him for a coffee during the weekend and explain to him every little detail regarding Steem...and how would this benefit his business. But I am sure he wants to do his own research before that.

Haven't heard of stores accepting Steem and SBD here in Greece till now. I should probably give it a shot too at our coffee shop actually...

Any kind of investment is like a nuclear bomb in Greece, we should thank our worthless politicians for that...that's why people are really afraid of investing in things they are not familiar with. As a matter of fact crypto currencies might be our only way out of this economic mess.

A store that accepts Steem and SBD? In Greece? That would be more that awesome! Let's see if my boss will be the first person I will finally manage to onboard. Fingers crossed.

And some interesting data

Exactly 24 hours ago in this post I included a few screenshots from Steemworld.org. This is how numbers look like today:

2019-09-09 22_50_38-SteemWorld ~ @mindtrap.png

2019-09-09 22_51_05-SteemWorld ~ @mindtrap.png

2019-09-09 22_56_35-SteemWorld ~ @mindtrap.png

So, compared to yesterday: 425 new accounts created. 172.772K new Steem tokens was printed. But the important thing is that people vested 284.974K Steem. Which means that we vested more than we printed...today at least. I think I am gonna keep tracking these data to see where this whole thing goes.

And the question remains. Have you done your part in order to see higher Steem prices?

Are we partners in "crime" or what?


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It must be great to get to a store and be able to cancel with "Steem."

pd: encouraging numbers!

It must be great for sure. As for the numbers...we still have a long way to go but they are indeed encouraging

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You're really smart and convincing. I think you and your boss will be buddies at eye level :D. That's very much to be appreciated.

Ha! Thank you @suntree

Nice piece

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