Finally claimed the remaining Byteball/Obyte airdrop

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If you were on Steem prior to July last year, you would most likely remember the epic Byteball airdrop. This was one of the first and largest airdrops to Steemians, and there was a lot of controversy surrounding how the airdrop was designed. Many people exploited the airdrop by creating new accounts to take advantage of the airdrop, before the loopholes were shut down. There were generous bonuses for referrals, so our feeds were often overflowing with Byteball posts around that time.

If you participated in the airdrop, you would most likely remember that part of the airdrop was able to be withdrawn immediately, whilst the other half was locked in a smart contract for one year. Well, it's been more than a year since the initial airdrop, and today I finally got around to withdrawing the rest of my airdrop that was locked in a smart contract. If you haven't done so yet, you may want to claim your GBYTE locked in the smart contract too. Note also, Byteball was rebranded to Obyte a while back, so if you need to restore your wallet, look for Obyte in the Appstore or which ever device you're using.

If by any chance, you didn't collect the airdrop, you may still be eligible. If you had a Steem account created before 12 July 2018 with a reputation of at least 60, you can claim $80-$160 worth of Byteball tokens By downloading the Byteball wallet here, and following the instructions in this post.

Hope you have some GBYTE lying around to collect. Good luck.

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Unfortunately I lost the backup :(

O that sucks. Yeah I’m sure that many Steemians would be in the same boat or forgotten after one year.

i did not save my wallet when i attest again i recieve nothing :( i got bad luck f
to my half of was a big help..huhu