Reflections on Steem post HF21/22

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It's hard to believe that it's only been less than 2 weeks since the hard forks happened. It feels like #newsteem has been here for ages, and it just feels right.

Before HF21/22, like many Steemians, I was hopeful but still nervous as to whether HF21 would cause any changes to behavior on Steem. Well, now I know. HF21/22 has exceeded my expectations in changing my behavior and the content on Steem. And here are some changes I'm noticing:

Since HF21/22, I'm posting less but thinking more about what I post. Prior to HF21, it was important how many posts and not how good the quality of the posts. But with HF21/22, payouts are not as constant as the past, and good quality posts are being rewarded. Therefore, I'm hesitant to put out posts for the sake of posting. And with HF21/22, I don't need to, and can earn almost as much through curating.

I'm noticing in HF21/22, good authors and quality posts are getting rewarded even more than before. And the encouraging thing is that posting and curation behaviors are changing. People no longer have to feel that they need to post, but rather I want to post, and only when I have something to say. This is such a liberating feeling! Additional flow-on effects of the changing curation habits is that some communities such as the #cn community is coming to life again with @sweetsssj becoming more involved in curating, and more investors powering up as curation rewards are now worth it.

With the changes that's been happening, along with the continuous innovations in some of the SCOT tribes such as Steemleo, SportsTalk and SCT, the future of Steem looks bright. In particular, with SMTs and Communities on the way, I'm hopeful that Steem will see the light of day again in the crypto world.

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When i first got here 13 months ago it was all about posting at least twice a day to make steem. Thought that was the silliest thing i ever heard and knew that it could only get better lol

lol. Yeah, I know right? I have trouble trying to post once a day. I don’t know how these people do it. But so much more liberating with HF21/22.



You are Blessed by God,keep on worshiping Him and have a string Faith.

Stay Bless!

Thank you very much. Blessings to you too.

My pleasurw Bro.. Have a great and blessed sunday!

It is still controversial whether HF22 brought good changes, but it seems that you like it! Hope you would enjoy steemit even more.

Thanks brother.Yes, there will always be issues, but let’s hope things start improving.