Suggestions for Steemit Inc.

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This morning I left a comment on the latest post from the Steemit team, from the account featuring an interview conducted by @andrarchy with the Steemit Inc devs. I listed some suggestions that's been on my mind, easy wins that could really help to support the Steem price. I thought I would list them here in a separate post, and expand on the suggestions further.

Some suggestions I had in mind for Steemit Inc. were:

  1. Sign up Steemit for the Basic Attention Token verified content creator program. SportsTalk.Social and Steemleo have already done this, and I can’t understand why Steemit hasn’t done it yet. The BAT received could be used to supplement Steemit’s ad revenue, or even better, purchase Steem from the market and burned, just like what SportsTalk and Steemleo do.
    I was just informed by @jaki01 that this has already been done. You can read his post here.
  2. Encourage more people to use the Promote function on Steemit by doing somehthing like what Palnet, SCT, SportsTalk and other tribe do. That is, Promoted Posts also show up on trending. This would give people an alternative to bidbots, and would help to burn Steem/SBD.
  3. Focus on getting Steem listed on more exchanges, especially CoinBase.

Once Communities and SMTs come out, I would like to see fees charged to create Communities and SMTs. I.e. Steem/SBD that is burnt for each Community and SMT created. In addition, I would like to see more gamification and additional fees for premium features in communities, such as a fee for featured posts etc.

What do you think? Do you have any ideas for improving the supply and demand equation for Steem?

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We need a better blurb over at
The current one is outdated and underwhelming. Low hanging fruit.

O yes, definitely. And if we can enter into the top 50 again, even better.

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These are great suggestions.

I think the integration of Basic Attention Token could provide Steemit Inc with a significant side-income - lowering their dependency on the continued liquidation of their pre-mine.

I would also like to see Steemit Inc offloading some of their development and strategy work to the Steem community through something like a micro-grant or bounty program. I think the SPS is a step in the right direction, but so far the barrier to entry is so high that even @steemchiller, the developer of Steemworld, can't even get ~$30,000/year project funded - a project which is decidedly vital to the ecosystem.

Yes, I like the idea of micro-tasks or bounties. I think there would be a lot of Steemians keen to help out.
Btw, I was just informed by @jaki01 that Steemit had been approved for the BAT content creator program a while back.


great suggestion sir,thank you for being the voice of steem..appreciated much.

Thanks for the encouragement. :)

Welcome sir,more thanks to you.

God Bless!

I like your suggestions since it's to the benefits of both steemit developers and users

Thank you.

You're welcome

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