Why you need to consider the many benefits of working pleasure before your next investment

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For a good number of people, “fun” is not the first word that comes to mind when all they are thinking about is work. However, there is no reason not to do this, especially considering the many benefits of working pleasure.


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There are lots of benefits when you and your team members cultivate the habit of having a fun and enjoyable workplace. No doubt about it that it helps in reducing stress. It also impart vigor, strength, or vitality to people - and this two factors combined have a large role to play in the sense that it can bring about an increase productivity.

Another interesting and important thing I want you to note is that work pleasure bring out the creativity in us in one way way or the other. Creeativity can be easily achieved when you have fun and I think this is because it allows you as a person to think playfully. Just recently, I came across an article titled "How This Game Can Help Boost Creativity in Teams" for Incorporated by Ayse Birse where she reminds us that children are not afraid of making mistakes when they play. That's how this children get to learn. Likewise at workplace, when you and your team members are playful without being limited by fear of failure, this can greatly improve the creativity of you and your team members at large.

A surprising benefits of having fun at work is that it can help strenghten the relationships between you and your workers. Which in turn makes you and and your worker more involved and satisfied with work since you guys enjoy the time you spend together.

Now, we are conversant with some of the advantages of having fun at work. So, the question we are yet to answer now is "how can we create a fun work environment?"

It all begins with aiding the development of a safe environment where people feel comfortable enough to laugh and play with each other a bit. It is very okay if you can encourage the members of your team to share their leisure time and eat together at work, simply because they get to have more fun with one another when they know each other better. The quality of being amusing, comical and funny can be very helpful in times of challenges. This can bring about a reduction in tension and help unite members of the team.

Another interesting idea that can be used to create a fun work environment is to organize some activities necessary to build a fun team. You can think of activities such as sand sculpting, kayaking, a BBQ cook-off, or the building of houses with Habitat for Humanity.

In conclusion as a butress to my point, aiding the development of a fun work environment can make your employees less stressed, more creative, more productive, and more engaged. In the long run, it can have a positive impact on the amount of money or profit left after everything has been tallied by your organization - and on your career.

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