Crypto Evolution: How Goes the Life of the Cryptonian

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Another summer is in full bloom and another year is passing by.

Yet, life for the crypto-maniac, crypto-literate or cryptonian is as it was last year - if you take pricing action to the sides of course.

What do I mean?

Well, I am fond of investing in crypto, and with the market's volatility we speculators love you really need to be on top of price with your mobile device.

Today I was with friends on a huge party and pull out the cell phone... people ask me about it - I explain I'm watching crypto prices...

...and then it hits me again - nobody knows what I'm talking about.


Nobody Knows Crypto Outside Bitcoin:

Yes, it's true, even with all the talk crypto got during the last bull market nobody knows about crypto in general, and bitcoin is for many just a popular world with no meaning behind it.

Of course, some of the most tech savvy folk know BTC is a cryptocurrency, but they know no more... another year has passed and nobody knows about crypto.

This is good news, it means we are all early adapters, even those that came after the bull run - I was lucky enough to be here during it, but not before the start.

Now, being someone who experienced the climb, I also experienced the influx of new money - and even more people... but that's still a small share of the mainstream pie - that one still eludes us.


Crypto Going Mainstream: The Lifestyle of the Cryptopreneur

When Crypto does end up going mainstream, I believe ecosystems such as the ones we have here on Steem, EOS and Ethereum are going to be the hubs of economical activity, and that there will be a new type of person, the Cryptopreneur.

We already see some blossoming, but they still are an imperfect subject as structures need to change.

We are still too focused on dumping crypto for "REAL MONEY" and people still see FIAT as the "Real Money".

As long as the world doesn't adapt and allow more and more payments through crypto, people will still need to dump their bags to pay expenses in the "normal world".

The problem for FIAT and the good thing for CRYPTO is that the ones who really know Crypto and its ecosystem fall more in-love with it and less in-love with the mainstream world - and that shows that awareness is the only thing lacking for mass adoption - after all the people who DO understand it... LOVE IT!

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...and then it hits me again - nobody knows what I'm talking about.

Happens all the time. And every time, it surprises me, because in my world, it's as 'normal' as eating breakfast, lol.

It may be a good thing, but the fact that few people know what it's about means there's still a huge barrier... :0/

Imagine what would happen if everyone knew Steem...

They would probably all run away... screaming 😂