Steemit Communities: Steemit Inc. and the Anticipated New Feature

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There's something grinding my gears, and that's the fact the communities feature we have been expecting since some Hard Fork in the stone age is apparently near completion.
What I'm unsure of is what that really means... I searched around and couldn't find a satisfactory answer and that leaves me with a "yea, but what does that mean" flavor in the mouth.
Here's what I'm thinking:


Communities Vs. Steem Engine Tribes:

I simply don't get how these two will coexist, or what is going to be different from one to another.
I honestly expect someone to pop in my blog to tell me how it works, and I would even appreciate it.
Perhaps you, my good friend @yabapmatt, can explain it to me since you sometimes read my posts.
From my understanding, both tokenize communities.
Will they not conflict? Will people get tokens airdropped on the new system for existing communities of the SE variant?
I really don't know.


Features: Since I Enticed People to Explain in Comments...

Well, since I enticed people to explain how this is going to work as opposed to Steem Engine Tribes, what features will the official communities patch have that Steem Engine doesn't, and what can I look forward to?
Also, I know people are saying it will be revolutionary, but again... how does it revolutionize anything?
Those are the features I can't still find... is there a good post someone can link me to that has them or talks about this?


In Conclusion:

For someone who usually writes Steem Guides and makes his "steem living" by sharing advice, I know nothing about this subject...

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As far as I know "communities" is just a way to group certain types of content better in the Steem UIs and allow more control over what content gets displayed. Obviously this is only a UI-level feature, which sites can choose to implement or not, and it will not in any way limit anyone's ability to publish whatever they want to the Steem blockchain or access the content published there.

It will accomplish many of the same things as the Steem Engine tribes, but i'm guessing/hoping it will be in a more organized and easier to manage way. Once it's actually released and we see how it's implemented in we'll bring that over to the various tribe websites as well.

Overall it's not really a different or competing thing to tribes, rather it's just additional functionality that will be built in a way that any Steem-based website can take advantage of.

Hope that helps!

  • 태그 작성 가이드라인 준수는 콘텐츠 관리와 글에 대한 접근성을 높이기 위해 반드시 필요한 절차입니다. ( It is an essential step to adhere tags guideline, manage content and make access better to your postings.)

  • 스팀코인판에서 활용 가능한 태그는 크게 [보상태그 / 언어태그/ 주제태그]로 구분할 수 있습니다. 보상태그와 언어태그는 필수입니다.(Tags that can be largely grouped into [Main Community / Language / Topic] in community. The language and topic tags are required.)

(예) 한국어로 작성한 자유 주제 포스팅((E.g) Posting for free topic in English)


  • 태그 작성 가이드라인을 준수하는 것이 태그 사용을 규제하는 정책보다 스팀코인판의 가치를 높이는 길이라고 생각합니다.(We believe that adhering tags guideline is a way to increase the value of SteemCoinpan community than that of forcing tags limitations.)


Got it, will tag #sct-en from now on!