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Hey everyone! We've made a few updates to our condenser interface recently to improve your #steemleo experience.

As always, our primary focus is on bringing in new users and empowering them to post investment content on the Steem blockchain and earn rewards for high-quality work. We're always working to improve this process and make using Steemleo a more seamless experience for everyone.

In case you missed it, became a brave verified publisher. This means that using the brave browser in conjunction with will allow us to earn BAT. It doesn't cost you anything and it doesn't cost us anything. We're going to take the BAT earned each month and convert it into LEO from the SE exchange and burn all of it.

Many have asked if we will introduce ads to Steemleo as other tribes have started to display google ads. I've been monitoring this from afar and I personally don't like the look/feel of these ads. I'd rather keep the clean experience of than bring in a small amount of revenue each month (current estimate for google adsense would likely bring in between $40 and $120 a month).

My belief is that we can build Steemleo into a more high-end content platform and skip the progression of google ads. We already have the Brave integration and my estimate based on what we've already earned is that we can make a comparable amount from Brave that we could from google.

This amount would increase drastically if more of our current user base used the Brave Browser and used the interface over other Steem-based interfaces. Obviously, this is totally optional but if you would like to support Steemleo, this is definitely a major way to do that. It increases our traffic which will increase our awareness and the amount we make from Brave to burn LEO off the market.

This leads us into the most recent interface upgrade that we made:

The Posted From Badge:

This is just a small token of appreciation (literally and metaphorically) for using the interface to publish your post.

You can see who's posting from based on this little badge right above the title. Hovering over it will display the text "Written From"


There aren't any specific perks for doing this as of yet. Though we're considering the option of creating a voting account that gives a little booster upvote (in STEEM/LEO/PAL/NEOXAG/CTP and other tokens) to anyone who posts from

For now, we think that you'll naturally get more attention and upvotes on your content as it will stand out from the crowd on the interface and we all know that you are supporting the SteemLeo community by using our community's interface.

Welcome Page:

If you listen to MSP waves on Palnet, then you may have heard our SteemLeo ad that airs before and after shows. The ad points listeners to

We've made some updates to this welcome page and have quite a few more ideas that will go live within the next week on there. The goal is to make it a fully-loaded guide for anyone who's new to SteemLeo. We're getting quite a bit of traffic outside of the Steem userbase, so it's important to explain what this all is and how it works in one user-friendly page.

I also tend to get into conversations IRL with random people I meet who always ask what I do. I love to explain Steem/SteemLeo to them, but man is that a complex subject. Having a great welcome page makes it so much easier to just drop "I know it's complicated, but if you want to learn more about it I can just text you a link".

If you'd like to help out with this, feel free to head over there and give it a read. If you find any errors or have suggestions for future updates, please send them to me (khaleelkazi) on Discord!

Screen Shot 20190907 at 10.11.17 AM.png

Team Badges:

This update has been live for quite a while but I don't think we've mentioned it anywhere officially.

Our team accounts & official curators now have badges next to their names indicating their position in SteemLeo. This is a small change, but like I said earlier: all these small changes dictate the user experience on SteemLeo.

When we get an influx of new users, authors and readers, organization is vital.

Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 10.34.40 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 10.35.08 AM.png

Updated Wallet Page for All Tokens + Claim All Rewards Button:

This update has also been live for a few weeks now, but hasn't been mentioned officially. You can now see all your Steem balances on the wallet page. If you're signed in, you can also click the little All-In One Claim button to claim all your token rewards.

The tokens that are highlighted in Orange are ones where you have pending rewards to claim. You can click on them individually if you'd like to claim them 1 at a time.

Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 10.37.15 AM.png

12 Tags on

I almost forgot about this one! We also increased the tag limit from 10 to 12 on at the request of some users. We may ultimately increase this to 15, but don't want people to spam tags like there's no tomorrow. We'll monitor how this change affects tag use and then consider increasing the limit.

Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 10.19.59 AM.png

Future Updates:

We've got quite a few interface updates in the pipeline. Some are small and provide a little boost in UX, but some are massive and will blow your mind when they're live. Stay tuned my fellow LEOs 🦁

steemleo black token divider.png

all of our LEO author/curation rewards on this post are permanently burned from the token supply

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Checkout you could add opt in mining for supporters.

I don’t think a monero JavaScript miner is what we want to subject on steem users... IMO

Why I suggested opt-in. Let users decide, I would use this if it means no Google ads for example

yeah the monero earned could be used to be pumped into leo/steem same with ads

Yes, like they do with BAT

I don’t think a monero JavaScript miner is what we want to subject on steem users... IMO


These are some great updates. Would love a tutorial on how to sign up for BAT. I love the idea of figuring out how to burn tokens instead of getting google ads.

Posted via

Hi metzli here's the tutorial

Please use the steemleo link and then select "download" at the link:

Posted using Partiko Android

I love it that the platforms keeps growing and bringing better stuff to the SteemLeo's community! I've already bought a few miners but with these developments I think I need to stack up on LEO, Miners, etc...

Loved the move to no google ads, even though it removes a huge chunk of possible revenue it does in fact show that we want to evolve into the next ad system, a ad system based on BAT.

I've been using esteem to post because of the point system that allows me to boost my posts if I use the platform, but if SteemLeo introduces a good feature I'll move over and start posting through SteemLeo's main website.

Keep up with the good work!

Other than Google Adsence, I think Ads can be put at specific place and needs according to @aggroed's post

There's no setup cost or anything like that for advertisers. We'll need files to upload to the adserver and you'll have to let us know how many impressions you want. Impressions are currently priced at $1 per 1000 impressions ($1 CPM).

Intelligent Ad positions (which should be much more aesthetic) can be sold to advertisers directly for CPM. For example, a banner at the top, sides or middle will not bother most users. More specifically ads will be more appropriate since Advertiser are aware of audience while Google Ads are driven by (dumb) AI that can bother people.

Ads should be aggressively sought out for now, since most users are still using Chrome or other browsers, it will take long time to switch to brave.

I love the increase in tags and also keeping zero ads. This platform will continue to look professional especially for seasoned investors from outside steemit that will be coming in for the first time.

Signing up for the Brave browser is easy and and they will burn the tokens when we tip them BAT tokens. They're giving us another way to make the project successful and lucrative for everyone. Here's their referral code:

I've used the Brave browser for over a year and love it. I just tipped Steemleo with the free grant tokens they give you every month.


The, the brave browser idea is golden. Also feeling the quotes on the feed page and welcome splash. Damn good work 🤓, pls don’t be surprised if other tribes follow suit 😉👍🏽


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The Posted From Badge:
This is just a small token of appreciation (literally and metaphorically) for using the interface to publish your post.

You can see who's posting from based on this little badge right above the title. Hovering over it will display the text "Written From"

This is brilliant. You definitely want people to be visiting the site more instead of them just adding a tag from another frontend. I feel like a lot of people are just adding the tag for tribes but never actually visiting the actual tribe website. I wish the Lifestyle tribe had this feature.

Nice & Smart update..

!neoxag 50

Great move with not posting google ads at this time. I like that Steemleo continues to think about the bigger picture. Love the additional enhancements as well.


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Nice progress on updating the look and feel.

Like the badges.

My personal vote is for no ads, but I guess it wouldn't be a dealbreaker. I guess I'm a cranky old curmudgeon though.

How about a burner badge for anyone who burns tokens? Or staker badges for those who stake? Similar to steemitboard stuff.

Also. Maybe a flaming button on the main condenser page and next to your LEO balance that if clicked on prompted you to burn some tokens?