I have staked about 100 Leo as a start

in steemleo •  2 years ago 

I know it is a small amount and I now it is also too late
But To come late is better not to come

Since a while I have watched steem new project is growing
And I decided to choose #steemleo for investment
I have staked only 100 #steemleo but in the next days I will stake more

The reasons which made me choose #steemleo:

  • It is a cheap right now compared to sct and pal
  • It has a good rate of growing
  • It has also a bid bot which I can use

I hope that I can add to this community

Thank you
my regards

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Good first step!!

Keep on going and add some content for everyone. You will do well.

I think this tribe is gonna grow and be a large factor on the STEEM chain.

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