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Time to invest in some LIFESTYLE miners (aka LM on Steem Engine)!

In case you missed it, and there's a good chance you did, LIFESTYLE is the new Steem-Engine token for a new tribe dedicated to those who want to share how they live. Those wanting to participate simply have to start using the tag "lifestyle" in their post. The new Nitrous website is found at https://www.one-life.io and the introduction post can be found here:


But what stands out to me about this project, is the wisdom in how it's being released. The developers clearly put a lot more thought than some other tribes about how to formulate a token structure that could actually retain its users, incentivize investment, and address a niche enough topic that is still open enough for all to participate in.

Just take a look at the token structure and how the inflation is distributed:

Right off the bat, it would be difficult for those looking to exploit this token to massively dump it. It also highly incentivizes long-term investing with a heavy emphasis on mining and delegation. The main account will also be powering up received STEEM which in turn should provide value to the community.

Above all, this is a community that is open enough for everyone, because we all live in a unique and fascinating way. No one is excluded. And yet, the topic is niche enough that it shouldn't have random unrelated posts attacking your feed left and right.

Upon reading the intro post, I had to go and buy some LM right away.

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You make a good point here. I noticed that all the LM at 1.2 is now sold out!

Pretty good for just being listed today!

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