DEC delegation update

in steemmonsters •  3 years ago 

Hi Steemit Friends,

Another check our my DEC delegation to Splinterlands. Since the new hard fork, I have found that the daily DEC return have not been very stable in particular the last week. If you see the screenshot below, the return yesterday was less than 10 DEC which is the lowest I have seen since delegating to the game. That is 3 times less than 3 days ago.

There are many variables like if people are willing to use the DEC to promote their post and so on. People could be like myself who have been using DEC to upgrade their decks which is understandable. I don't have a huge delegation like many others from the game so I will continue to monitor on the progress. I believe in the game and what the team is doing for us and will continue to support it.

delegation sept.png


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